Ginger ale two ways

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Ahoy blog people!

It’s Spring Break so I am home from the studio having lazy mornings in bed and driving kids to and from activities and playdates while trying to get some work done on the dining room table. One of the drawbacks to living on our idyllic island is that everyone and everything is so spread around the place that the kids require taxi-ing everywhere. So that’s what we do.

I have just got back from a few days in Portland which I have to say is a pretty close to perfect city for all sorts of reasons. I am working on a round-up post but in the mean time I am just going to go with the words “small batch artisanal” – more specifically “fermentation”.

After having a pretty incredible Downtown Buck with housemade ginger ale in Portland I decided that the project which will help me survive Spring Break is making ginger ale. I remember Pip making it several years ago and having quite a lot of success, so thanks to all her hard work I leapt on that recipe as well as a “ginger bug” recipe from Nourished Kitchen to try a two pronged attack. I like the fact that the ginger bug recipe uses fresh ginger while Pip’s is ground ginger so it will be good to compare. Another recipe I am going to attempt is this recipe from Thyme of Taste and if I am feeling super keen one or both of Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s recipes. This could be epic.

P.S. Do you like my photo? I really do photograph and style my shots like it’s blogging-2008 but you get the idea… I think the sticky tape is the addition that really makes this shot. At least I re-angled the shot so you can’t see the filthy barbecue out the window.

Other notes:


It’s Salt Spring in the City this weekend – if you are in Vancouver it will be well worth your time to stop in there and browse through the beautiful objets d’art of some of my nearest and dearest. Find it at Vancouver’s Heritage Hall at 15th & Main this March 27-29th.

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