A shout out from Narnia

The snow has finally stopped and the sun is melting away our magical wonderland.  We’re still snowed-in but as long as we keep power that is just fine with me.

In the mean time:

I am pinning pictures like a crazy lady.

I am ordering seeds ready for planting in March.

I am gathering and cutting fabric for a quilt which might look something like this.

I am making this tea:

with cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger, cloves, peppercorns and honey.

I am listening to some good music:

L-R, top to bottom:
St. Vincent, St. Vincent… fun and better played loud. I will say that all three other family members separately asked me “What are you listening to?” while this was blasting. There’s still a stream over on the Guardian’s website.

Burn Your Fire for No Witness, Angel Olsen… this one is a slow grow for me but I am loving it now. It reminds me of something we might have listened to in the 90s.

Don’t you think?

Post Tropical, James Vincent McMorrow… smooth and easy. I have been playing this a lot in the studio lately as it seems to work perfectly with the winter sunlight that streams in our windows. Luckily my studio mate and I have really similar music tastes.

Aventine, Agnes Obel… this is one from last year but it’s lovely. She is playing tomorrow night in Quebec – and then in lots of places in the states. If only Seattle wasn’t quite so tricky to get to.


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  1. Alicia P. says:

    Are you KIDDING me with that picture??? Oh. My. Stars. Gobsmacked. It’s truly magical, Claire. How lucky you are!

    No seriously, is that real???

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