Roller Derby and some SNOW

Last night we headed down into town to watch Salt Spring’s own roller derby team The Committed play Tofino’s The Black Pearls. This was followed by Vancouver’s Anarchy Angels vs. The Vancouver Island All-Stars. Both my kids have now picked out their derby names and the smaller one is plotting out her derby-based future. If the fast-paced sliding-in-socks across wooden floors and slamming against walls (and her sister) after the game last night is any indication, I am not entirely sure I will be able to attend her future bouts without getting a stomach ulcer. Those derby girls are awesome, but brutal.

We made a hasty retreat during half-time of the second bout due to a surprise order of bucketing snow. Luckily we managed to make it as far as the bottom of our driveway before almost heading dramatically into a ditch.

And this morning there is lots and lots and lots of snow.


Click on this one for a nice, big version of our back yard.

Photo credits: Top 2 Phil McCluskey — Panorama Amelia McCluskey.


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