High Rotation Monday #5

Colour — I need colour… The temperature is starting to rise a little but there is a cloud hanging over our house most days. I have been drawing and stitching and knitting and surrounding myself with lots and lots of colour. It seems to be working. 

Amelia and I have been reading A Wrinkle in Time. Lily and I have been reading The Wishing Chair (the “children off on adventures through space and time” theme continues). I have been reading Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness for book club, and The Family Dinner (our Taco Tuesday experiment begins tomorrow) which is making me feel like I might be getting one tiny, happy thing right when it comes to our chaotic family life. 

I’m back into it again. I have found a friend here who is a knitting whizz and can help me navigate complicated patterns and brainstorm fabulous ideas. She has even encouraged me to buy some yarn from Purl Soho — so you see, she a very good kind of friend. A knitting gang has spontaneously generated. I like my knitting crew – even though I tend to travel to distant parts of the island for knitting evenings and then realise I have no gas left in my car… thus ensuing madcap, terrifying late-night drives home, filling up my tank from friends’ lawnmower gas supplies at various stops all the way back up the island. 

And so Ravelry.com (find me here) is back in high rotation.

I have my eye on this pattern. What do you think? Too tricky? I’ve never done cables before.

One day I may even knit a sweater for a horse.

Hourly Comics Day
Hourly Comics Day was last Friday– the idea is to draw one comic every hour about something that happened in the hour before. I took part last year and it was pretty fun. I decided to try again this year and did two comics (one at 6am and one at 7am) before realising that it wasn’t going to be compatible with my busy day. It’s so much work and completely exhausting. I admire anyone who manages to squeeze it in to their days. Here are some from a few folks who not only managed to complete a comic every hour but who also managed to be bright, sensitive, moving, entertaining and talented all in a bundle:

Eleanor Davis
Anthony Clark
Emily Carol

And now, some cheerful music – close your eyes and pretend it’s Sunny: 

via Songs for the Day.

My kids have just started karate classes so we have been talking about martial arts a little bit. Capoeira is incredible. 

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4 Responses

  1. The husband and I have done Capoeira in some of our workouts, and it is really pretty cool. Feels so smooth and dancy (which makes sense, given its history), makes me feel a bit coordinated for once. 🙂

  2. darlene says:

    Cables are really easy with the right instructions. In fact, they come together so magically, you’ll want to cable everything. Really! Go for it!And I love that vest. A perfect intro to your cabling experience.Have fun!

  3. Becky says:

    Oh how I love Thao!
    Cables are really quite easy and I find they make projects go faster. I love to throw a little cable into everything!

  4. Di says:

    I love my knitting buddies – it’s always so much fun to meet up. I love Ravelry too and of course you should try the sweater – the cables aren’t that difficult and it’s fun to see how they work.Hope the sun comes out soon!

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