Ukulele is a pretty easy way to change your world

The chords for this sweet tune are here — and hopefully if you can master that you’ll get luckier than Steve Martin.

Personally I am terrible. Terrible-terrible, but I try to play a little every day. I have never really played a musical instrument before and, as a big music fan, it seems miraculous and wonderful to me that I can produce any actual music no matter how bad it is.

A friend of mine told me lately that she was chatting to a incredibly talented violinist about learning to play. She said to him that she wished it was easier but when she tries it feels like she has 6 thumbs on each hand. He said to her “for the first two years of playing, your instrument is the master. After that, if you are practising every day, you start to become the master.”
I’m sure this applies equally to the ukulele and when it’s really sucking I try to remind myself that I am doing the necessary legwork. I like that you can get good at something just by doing it every day, even if it is incredibly, incredibly slow.

My top five favourite Ukulele links:

1. A very useful ukulele chord chart.

2. All the chords you need to “entertain” your family and those extra special friends for hours and hours (and here they are grouped by difficulty). This whole site in general is a gold mine for ukulele players, beginners and fanatics alike.

3. Ukulele Underground

4. and for a little inspriation: Stop motion crochet critters singing along with ukuleles.

5. And one of my very favourite youtube clips: Ra Ra Rasputin performed by the West Cork Ukulele Orchestra – love it.

Also! Added bonus – I just discovered this extra one today. It looks like it has the ability to drive everyone else in the house crazy, but it does indeed look pretty fun: Ukulele Beatles Fun

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8 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    I LOVE that Rasputin clip. Thanks for sharing that one. Here’s a whole bunch of songs you might want to pick from too

  2. Solange says:

    Have you heard the Ukelele Anthem by Amanda Palmer?

  3. Tali says:

    Learning an instrument is in some ways like starting to exercise for the first time. You have to practice at the level that’s right for you.A lot of people try to play their favourite songs straight away, and then get put off and give up when they can’t do it.But you wouldn’t attempt to run a marathon without training, and building up to it!If you practice a little every day you will be surprised how quickly your playing will improve. And of course, it’s super fun! (more fun that exercise i think, haha)

  4. Amie says:

    My partner plays ukulele! He plays a lot of jazz and blues rather than more traditional styles (here he is playing: ). He also teaches. He’s tried to teach me, but I really suck at it haha. I really want him to get a banjo ukulele like the girl second from the right in the photo you posted. They have the most fantastic sound and they’re so cute!

  5. Oh yeah, Okuleles are fun! As we are in fact an extremly musical family, my husband bought an Okulele two years ago. He can play it quite good, but I prefer playing the guitar. :-)Greetings from GermanyMara Zeitspieler

  6. Loved the clip you shared Claire, its been ages since I saw the film…and I did still remember his special purpose! Very funny, sweet clip! Steve Martin has some really good films, loved his book the pleasure of my company.I am just getting my first ukulele. I just chanced upon Nellie Mckay’s feminist song on TED tonight. SO good!!! I will certainly use your tips while learning the uke x

  7. Amanda says:

    thanks for all these links. I will have a look at them with my children. they are learning to play and are eager for songs. keep at it. It will come.cheers

  8. Diana says:

    hooray i just bought one a couple of months ago and had been feeling guilty that it was sitting abandoned in the closet. Out she comes! Thanks for all the inspiration.

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