Christmas crafts circa 2006 (the good ol’ days)

We’re in the middle of Seasonal crazy, you just can’t avoid it.

I thought I would remind you of some good seasonal stuff from 2006 – when I could muster a little more energy for crafts than one small window of paper snowflakes.

In 2006 Phil and I had a second baby and simultaneously started blogging about children’s crafts and activities over at — we soon discovered that maintaining multiple blogs, jobs and having a newborn was enough to drive anyone bonkers so we dropped it (the blog, not the baby) in early 2007. We were sad to let it go as it was a popular spot and kept us motivated to try some great things we would otherwise never have considered.

One thing that was especially super awesome about kiddley was all the guest posts we got for the holiday period in November and December. Some of my all time favourite craft and parenting bloggers were so very kind and generous with their time and creativity, contributing their favourite projects for the season. I look at this list of amazing women and think about the years since and all the things that have happened in their lives : the sweet things, the sad things, the successes and the friendships. I still consider these women some of the most important on the internet, to me and to their legions of fans.

Look and find:

Advent stockings from Amanda Soule of Soulemama

Crazy hat crackers from Amber Carvan of Kids Craft Weekly

The incredibly popular Gumdrop Wreath from the beautiful, beautiful Alicia Paulson of Posie gets Cozy

Dress up paper doll and ornament from Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object

Christmas fun jar from Andrea Corrona Jenkins from Hula Seventy

Junk Food Ornaments from Heather Bailey of Hello My Name is Heather

Tealight Place settings from Carly Schwerdt from Moopy and Me

Festive Bird Finger Puppets from Lyn Roberts from Molly Chicken (sniff! miss her)

Paper Santa Lucia crowns and hats from Stephanie Congdon Barnes (oh and how I miss her too!)

Pecan + pretzel + chocolate = delicious from Amy Karol of Angry Chicken

Camping with kids and Presents for kids to make for their friends and Cheap and Easy Gifts for multiples of  kids from Kathreen Ricketson of Whipup

Planning for the holidays from Asha Dornfest of Parenthacks

Paper garlands from Fiona Dalton of Hop Skip Jump

Christmas Piñatas from Alison Brookbanks of Six and a Half Stitches

Pom-pom garland from Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane

Making candy cane and lollipop ornaments from Christina Gordon of Jam Fancy

Pinecone hedgehogs and Origami Advent Calendar from Myra Masuda of My Little Mochi

Advent Stick Jo from Artsy Fartsy Mama

and last but by no means least,

Fall Leaf Art from Blair Stocker of Wisecraft


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5 Responses

  1. Pija says:

    Today I found your blog. It is fantastic! Kind regards from Slovenia!Pia

  2. Christine says:

    I loved those Christmas Cards! I remember buying sets of the different designs. When I got them I could barely mail them out, I wanted to keep them all to myself! When I was cleaning out the basement this week, I found a few blank ones I saved for myself. They’re still my favorite Christmas cards of all time.

  3. Oh, I really love your illustrations! Great to see them again.Sock Monkeys are so cool, I always wanted to sew one, but I didn’t had the time (and the right socks) yet.Greetings from GermanyMara Zeitspieler

  4. Saskia says:

    Hah! I remember those junk food ornaments. Love an excuse to buy Oreos and bad cereal. May just have to do that today. Into the second week of the school holidays already, and I can smell some craft coming on…

  5. I miss Kidley too! But I’m so glad you’re still out here, really! xo

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