Character sketch

I’ve been writing. Nothing good, mind you, but words on the page none the less. And I’m starting to like it.

While I write I listen to music and I doodle.

I keep a sketch book by my laptop and one in my bag and fill them with notes and scribbles and pictures of the people I am writing about. I’m not even sure if the thing I am writing will be illustrated but it helps get my thoughts in order.

1) Sunni Brown’s related TED talk: “Studies show that sketching and doodling improve our comprehension — and our creative thinking. So why do we still feel embarrassed when we’re caught doodling in a meeting? Sunni Brown says: Doodlers, unite! She makes the case for unlocking your brain via pad and pen.”

2) Balance? Who needs balance? So what if there are dishes piling up in the sink, clean laundry on the sofa and the pizza place is on speed dial? I’m writing, I’ll get to all that other stuff later. Dan Blank talks about creativity (specifically writing, but of course it’s about anything worth doing) and obsession. Also, I think Dan Blank has a name that really should be that of a private investigator in a murder mystery novel.

3)  Speaking of such things, did you see that Bored to Death is back on? That makes me very happy.

4) And in other news, this song has made us late for school twice in the last week: breakfast dance party (sorry about the ad before hand).

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14 Responses

  1. Uma says:

    Your “doodles” look like very interesting book characters! I am already interested in reading about them…

  2. Tali says:

    ooh, so much energy in these sketches. Love em!!

  3. sweeet! pigtails and stripes are always a winning combination. 🙂

  4. Daniel says:

    I just love the expressions in these ‘doodles’.

  5. tania says:

    Geez. I reckon you might have something with the ‘balance’ bizzo. And it’s not like I was ever one for symmetry or everything in its place. Symmetry can be a bit boring, I find.

  6. Rosey says:

    Yes! Bored to Death! Lucky you, we have to “buy it on DVD” over here to watch it (I think?).

  7. jen storer says:

    Expressive, cheeky, lively. Words for your lovely doodles, claire. x

  8. Cassandra says:

    the gal can draw! great stuff Claire.

  9. jan says:

    i love the pigtails! and like that song too! and her haircut!

  10. Alison says:

    Those character sketches are brilliant. Particularly the first one. Reminds me of my 2yr old. Sadly.

  11. I used to always doodle in my meetings at my old job. They were fantastic notes and I still love looking back at all the bright things I wrote in my notebook. My boss actually would peer over to see my notes and wouldn’t mind that because I was the only in-house graphic designer, and that’s what artists do!

  12. Melissa G says:

    I too am a doodler. I haved doodled in meetings. I especially doodle when on the phone. Just call me Doodles.

  13. cathygaubert says:

    that last girl (especially) is stealing my !

  14. Katie says:

    Your doodles are AMAZING. If I could doodle like that I’d doodle all day long! Adorable. 🙂

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