Ode to a celeriac

I picked up this gorgeous guy at the grocery store.
Have you ever cooked with celeriac?  For such an ugly vegetable it quite honestly produces the most delicious aroma while cooking up in a pot of wintery soup or Bill Granger’s chicken casserole (I will be forever grateful to the Waffler for that one).

I am basing a character in a book on a celeriac so I actually bought this particular specimen to model for me. He’s doing a stellar job but might end up being a wee bit cuter. This one looks like something out of  Pirates of the Caribbean. Regardless of the hairy ugliness of this celeriac right now, I see a bright future for him ahead; mingling with lemon rind, chicken, bacon and melt-in-the-mouth onions in an autumnal casserole.

Inspired by: Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall on eating veg in the Guardian:
“Undeniably, we are faced with the very challenging question: how can we eat really well every day without contributing to global warming, the suffering of animals or the pillaging of our precious marine resources? There is one, unequivocal answer: to eat more vegetables. Addressing this issue isn’t about giving anything up, it’s about filling your boots: embracing a world of fabulous, fresh ingredients and finding some new and irresistible ways to cook and serve them. The crucial thing is the mental shift: after that, I predict you will find it a breeze.”

Following up from the treehouse post:

My Dad writes:

Here are some sites I found useful, but there are plenty of others online if you google “building a treehouse”.

Treehouse construction
1. The Treehouse Guide
2. Out’n’About Treehouse construction

Also some more general sites dealing with decking, stairs and framing
1. Renovation Robot
2. How to Dig Post Holes & Install Posts
3. Buildeazy

Also Peter and Judy Nelson’s book, “The Treehouse Book“, has a useful introductory section about building.

Keeping digital scrapbooks: I have a handful of accounts for bookmarking stuff I like – feel free to have a look around. I collect recipes at chompers, pretty boho house pictures at shameless housey, gardens at creatures of habitat, awesome online videos for kids at meilz and lilo, and everything else at loobylu tumbles. And pintrest. There’s always pintrest.

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9 Responses

  1. hena tayeb says:

    The celeriac is super creepy. I feel like its eye are following me.

  2. Megan says:

    what a gorgeous picture! It brings to mind one of the favourite songs in our house at the moment – Googly Eyes by Caspar Babypants. It’s a kids song but great for grownups too! The artist is from Seattle, you might have heard of him. Megan

  3. emma says:

    Hello, I love keeping digital scrapbooks too. Does anyone keep digital diaries that work like blogs but not put them online? I can’t work out how to do this apart from installing WordPress onto my computer. Any tips?

  4. Selvi says:

    Dear Loobylu,I’m so glad you are posting again. You were my first blog love and will always be special to me, as you are to so many others. I really like celeriac too. I got to know it in Denmark, where a dormmate told me that it is an old wives’ tale there that if you eat it “the boys will like you.” So watch out for Big P!Best wishes,S.

  5. victoria says:

    Remoulade, made with celeriac is one of my all time favourite things. Nice to see you again. Very spring like here this weekend, Blackburn is warm, the windows are open, the magnolia flowers have fallen and the leaves have replaced them. It’s really quite lovely.

  6. MzTallulah says:

    I just bought the two first celeriacs of the season – one went into a soup, and the other will most definitely be turned into the casserole… I always find I like celeriac more for its appearance than for anything else 😉

  7. pip says:

    I just do not know if I will like celeriac. Will I like it? Will I? xx

  8. Leonie says:

    Your celeriac post almost makes me consider buying one, especially now that the weather has turned to autumn… So happy to see you posting again!

  9. TheWaffler says:

    Oh yay for celeriacs with funky hair and googly eyes. I’m so glad that you are enjoying that recipe, it is a fair cracker is it not? xx

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