Me time (short but sweet)

I have a house full of sick children. Actually, one is well and truly on the mend now and is just restless and ready to be set free out the front door to run through the woods again – but it’s cold and wet and so she is stuck inside. And I have been stuck in doors too and I’m starting to feel a little stir-crazy… I know I had better get used to being stuck indoors as we head into the rainy rainy Pacific Northwest months, but I keep telling myself that all will be better when all our stuff arrives and we have a table we can at least sit at to make, draw, cook etc.

The walk down the long drive and up the road to the mail box is my daily time of solitude, silence and solace right now. I have been taking my camera just in case I see something worth photographing but usually it’s pretty uneventful. If I am lucky I might see a super huge, jet black shiny slug heading across the road or a deer, or some rabbits. These last few days I stop and listen to the far away burble of water in the creek way down below the road. The grassy bank you see above is full of chirping crickets which are a cheerful sound in an otherwise quiet and still world. I can just breath and not answer a tirade of questions, or ask someone to stop hitting someone else. I stagger back up the steep drive and feel quite physically exhausted but otherwise revived and ready for the rest of the day.

*I meant to stop and have a look at what the paperback was, sitting beneath the mail box, but the next time I went back it had already gone.

It’s that time of year again – Sign Ups for the wonderful Softies for Mirabel are happening over at Pip’s.

From Mikes: “The Mirabel Foundation is based in Melbourne. Mirabel was set up by the amazing Jane Rowe. They do really important work providing help to kids who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their Mum or Dad’s drug addiction. A lot of these kids end up in the care of grandparents (who may be elderly) or other extended family, and it is obviously a really sad and challenging time for everyone. Mirabel steps in and provides assistance and counselling in all sorts of practical, respectful and positive ways to help these families…. Here’s what to do: We want you to make SOFTIES! YES! We are putting the call out once more to YOU and your friends and your relatives to spend some time making a toy (or many toys) for the Mirabel kids. Spend some time making something lovely for a great kid : because these kids might like a trusty buddy to snuggle down with. And because softies are very good listeners, right?”

Right ! – so pop on over to Pip’s and sign up if you’re into it. I know I am.

I’m working on a Mighty Life List. Not sure if I am going to post it here… I might when I have got to 100, but it’s challenging and exciting and you might like to make one too. What made me decide to finally write a life list is reading Maggie’s latest post on her blog about the recently held Mighty Summit. So good.

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8 Responses

  1. victoria says:

    I’d love to send something to your post box at some time, just for knowing that it may add a little excitement to your days. If you are happy to send me your address, I’ll surprise you some time soon.

  2. Meryl says:

    Sorry to hear your people are not well. Something cheery – I just saw one of your little painted wooden dolls (which I coveted most mightily) on dooce! It was on a shelf in her office remodel video.

  3. Kyrie says:

    Oh, invest in some good rain gear! Do! Enjoy the glorious PacNW weather (or get ready for five or six sad, cabin fever months). Rain is what makes it so beautiful here :)xo, K

  4. Rosie says:

    You make relocating to a remote island so easy Claire! I think Victoria is right, everyone would love to put something in your letter box to make your trek to the post box exciting!

  5. Leonie says:

    Sorry to hear that your family are unwell!I just started on my Mighty Life List as well, after Heather at referred to the Mighty Retreat I was reminded of the Mighty Girl website and one thing led to another… 🙂 I guess you can cross off “Move to Canadian Island of Paradise” off your list! 🙂

  6. janine says:

    seems like a wonderful place to hangout.

  7. Nerida Creswick says:

    I think some good rain and cold weather gear is in definite need. The girls will learn to love playing in the rain.

  8. Emira says:

    Claire, I’m going to echo what others have said, in part as a reminder to myself: you need to get out in the rain or it will be a very, very, very long fall/winter/spring. Somehow the more you’re out in it, the less grey and dreary it is. It’s the worst when you’re trying to run errands, get to work, get things done in the rain and then it’s easy to fantasize about just holing up with tea for the rest of the season, but if you can find time to just wander with the girls in it, puddle jump or explore it will become easier. Of course the right gear, and planning to come home to tea and warm treats is a must.

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