A litte house in a tree

My dad has just finished building a treehouse right down the back of my parent’s garden. My dad is a meticulous planner, and a brilliant problem solver and he has put in a grand, last-ditch effort to get this finished so that the girls could enjoy it before we leave for Canada. We are all so impressed with this little beauty which he built from scratch and from his own design and is now perched amongst the boughs of a tree. When you are standing inside, and then peer up through the plastic roof you can see the nose of a possum hiding in his little wooden possum box, high up above. The magpies and the noisy miners loiter about up there too. All that is needed now is a family of small marsupials or rodents of some kind to make a home underneath, nestling around the tree trunk and the uprights and it would be an entire apartment block of cheerful but quite noisy creatures.

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18 Responses

  1. Kristina says:

    My God, that’s gorgeous… the plastic room is a wonderful grace note. How ever will you convince them to leave all that behind? Not that Salt Spring Island doesn’t have its own charms….

  2. christina says:

    Wow, her really outdid himself!

  3. Andi says:

    Well done Dad. That’s a ripper!!And the trip to Canada … hope its just a holiday!Not moving are we?

  4. siobhan says:

    Delurking to say How Amazing.

  5. Nora says:

    That’s gorgeous — love the plastic roof!

  6. jodie says:

    Oh it could be part of the Magic faraway tree with all those neighbours…

  7. Judy says:

    Grandpa doesn’t want you to leave. How sad.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Claire, I hope you all have a wonderful time in Canada. Good on you for having the guts to get up and DO something instead of daydreaming about it! I also hope you will run Loobylu from there, or start another blog, as this is so much fun to read. BTW love the treehouse. I can recommend a a tribe of freerange guinea pigs if you want things to live underneath it, although they’re not exactly native.

  9. Lillabilly says:

    Oh please, please, please could he come to my place and build another one just like that?

  10. Kathreen says:

    Oh I feel sort of sad for your dad – the treehouse is amazing – hopefully the girls will get lots of aussie holidays in which to enjoy itK xx

  11. chiara says:

    Well done GranPa!Really do you have a possum box above the tree?Wonderful!

  12. Jay Banks says:

    You have quite noisy neighbours in your apartment block. It must feel amazing to stay in your tree house and listen to all those voices of nature. Your father is great parent to build you such a nice house.

  13. playhouse says:

    It looks great..I’m sorry that I didn’t have one growing up as I’m living since forever in an apartment block.

  14. Amanda says:

    Claire I NEED your father!!! How clever! I love the idea of the clear roof-perfect for late night camping out!

  15. Katy Kristin says:

    Really, really awesome treehouse! I’m hoping to build one in my backyard…but we have no tree :)I think I will use the stilt method and plant a tree to grow around it.Good luck on your move to Canada!

  16. I want a little tree house…. for ME!

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