Daisy daisy


Hello from the NSW South West Slopes

Firstly, I have to tell you that the chicken schnitzel with gravy at the Golf Club on Saturday night was absolutely delicious. Hopefully we will be going back there again sometime this holiday – and maybe this time we’ll win a meat tray!

Another thing you will need to know if you ever come visiting this way, is that there are a lot of daisies in the garden  – bring yellow shoes to disguise the pollen stains.

Today we discovered that getting a three year old to walk all the way home from a long hike up the road is easy with a little forward planning. My mum quietly set up a series of little stone cairns every 50 metres or so up the road on the way to Totoro’s Forest (as that is where we were going – I bet you didn’t know that Totoro’s Forest is on the South West Slopes of NSW). On the way home the challenge was to find each cairn and place a big stone on the pile. Lily was intrigued. There was hardly a grizzle.

Fascinatingly, my Dad is becoming a Birder. He has spotted 100 different bird species and entered them into his database. Today he spotted his 101st – the Red Capped Firetail. Amelia has started a list too. She has a new shiny red plastic pair of binoculars for her birthday and her plan is to out-spot Phoebe Snetsinger, the woman who managed to see 8400 birds by the time of her death.

In other news, when not walking, filling a shopping trolley with huge amounts of food to cook for a hungry holiday household, cooking, looking for birds or wrangling children, I am reading The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas… and loving it. I have been wanting to read it for the longest time and have finally caved and bought myself a copy as the waiting list at the library was enormous. I have heard such mixed reviews but his characterisations are brilliant. I know it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but he makes me want to write more honestly and not shy away from uncomfortable, human truths.

So that’s me for today. How are you?

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8 Responses

  1. Happydacks says:

    I Really enjoyed the Slap too Clair. Brutally real personalities, he really makes them 3 dimensional and even though the characters were pretty un appealing, Christos gave them a depth and background that helped me to find compassion for them. A very Interesting read! Chele

  2. Rae says:

    If your dad’s a birder, he might like Anoraks to Zitting Cisticola, by Sean Dooley (that is, if he doesn’t already have it!). It’s a tongue-in-cheek glossary of bird-watching terms, and wildly funny. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and don’t even have an interest in bird-watching. Bonus: Zitting Cisticola is such fun to say.http://www.allenandunwin.com/default.aspx?page=94&book=9781741752724

  3. denice says:

    daisy daisy indeed! how nice!i am well but not on holiday. we’re in Canada and so just starting the fall back to school madness. hockey and dance have started for the children and, if i’m honest, i love it 🙂 love seeing them enjoy themselves and love meeting new friends among the parents myself.

    enjoy your holiday!

  4. Frogdancer says:

    I enjoyed ‘The Slap’ too… hated the characters but loved the writing. One of the younger teachers suggested that we put it as a text for year 11 English. (Can you imagine all the complaints we’d get from parents???)

  5. Jo says:

    The Slap is in high demand in our library too…glad you recommend it so highly. My man and I argue about colours too – usually the difference between tan and beige! Did your Anthropologie quilt come by mail order or other means…?

  6. Fran says:

    Glad you’re all having fun. Sounds like a great holiday. I loved The Slap – Christos is brilliant.

  7. sooz says:

    I’m with you on the Slap. I think Christos is a marvellous storyteller and his characters well drawn and always thought provoking. I find it fascinating how the characters’ internal dialogues are so misanthropic, so aggressive and destructive when often their exteriors are fairly restrained by comparison…not to mention all the stuff about community child raising and boundaries and so on. I read it at the same time as Winton’s Breath and it was a very interesting pair…

  8. Kirsty says:

    Shall look forward to chatting further about the book.It’s all looking very country & relaxed up there. Hoping you’re happily stitching.

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