Painstaking Coraline

I was doing some searches on “doll hair” (because I am making a new doll for the Softies for Mirabel project, are you?) and I found an interview with Suzanne Moulten, head of the hair department on the movie Coraline. It’s pretty cool to think that you might spend you whole working life carefully making beautiful stop-motion hair.

I went on to find another crafty Coraline video – Althea Crome’s tiny knitting. It really is incredible to see such beautiful, tiny knitted pieces.

I spent so much of my childhood making tiny things to fit out my doll’s house. There were hours spent tinkering away at little tissue boxes and christmas puddings with my friend Pia. Pia had the patience and the inspiration (and the endless supply of Liberty scraps) to make the most breathtaking little bits. I just did a web search to see if I could find Pia and HEY there she is! She’s got her own crafty label. Hello Pia – if you ever google yourself and eventually come across this post. Glad to see you are still making.

“When one shrinks a craft or a skill into something so tiny it asks the viewer to imagine how it was done”

Now I am off to make some really tiny jars of cumquat marmalade.

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8 Responses

  1. Andi says:

    OMG!!! The knitting!!!The tiny weeny knitting!!!!!!!

  2. victoria says:

    Did you take the girls to see the movie? Ella’s really keen, but I think it may be a tad too dark for a 5 year old – even if she is “almost 6”!

  3. Emjie says:

    Oh, how hilarious! I also blogged about Althea quite recently…'t it just blow your mind the level of detail Althea goes to? Wouldn’t want to lose a stitch. LOL

    I have also gotten on the ‘Softies for Mirabel’ bandwagon. In fact I just finished my ‘Genevieve’ doll on the weekend, and sent her packing to Pip today.(So terribly sad the news about Snoopy)

  4. Happydacks says:

    Althea Cromes tiny knitting is so incredibly cute!

  5. Tara says:

    OMG, you found Pia, and she sells on Georgie Love, totally bizarro. Those videos were amazing, so was Coraline, such incredible skills.

  6. Happydacks says:

    Althea Cromes tiny knitting is so incredibly cute! What amazing fumble free fingers she must have!

  7. Flora says:

    I finally got 5 minutes to watch those vids…amazing.

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