Saturday night pasta




There’s nothing like a deliciously creamy pasta dish when you are bone tired. All the better if someone else is cooking. Phil’s specialty is a weekend favourite he has nicknamed “Heart Clog” which is actually Jamie Oliver’s Farfalle with Carbonara and Spring Peas. Totally delicious.

We had a birthday party for Amelia’s school chums today and I am so tired tonight that I have made an annoying animated gif.

Hmm. Annoyed yet? Here’s something soothing:


Left over musk sticks from the party bags. Yummo.

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9 Responses

  1. pinry says:

    not annoyed, amazed! i’ll start to worry if your blog starts talking to me though … that pasta looks perfect for after a busy saturday.

  2. Anja says:

    I loved the boiling water!

  3. Stasia says:

    Not annoyed either – I really want to know how you did that! Very cool!The pasta looks DELISH!

  4. Yamila says:

    Did you know musk sticks are uniquely Australian tucker? ( love the video of boiling water, pasta is good for sat night stay in!

  5. Frogdancer says:

    Ooo! Bubbling water. I thought for a split second that my eyes were playing early morning tricks on me…

  6. victoria says:

    I couldn’t agree more – I have two comfort meals when the girls are in bed and Geoff’s out (he finds them too rich). The first is spagetti carbonara – really creamy one. The second is a baked potatoe with steamed brocolli on top, smothered in a cheesey bechamel and topped with crispy bacon!

  7. Mandy says:

    I actually really like the animated gif!!

  8. shauna says:

    OH claire that animated gif is genius!and the pasta looks delicious 🙂

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