Blogging everyday? Crazy

This blogging every day in September gig is ridiculous! Especially when I am throwing stuff together for a birthday party and hanging out to watch the conclusion to Green Wing. So here’s some fabric… I am using this fabric to make some more Marshmallow Bunnies… ain’t it pretty? And now the chocolate crackles are cooling to hard lumps in the fridge and I have a date with my husband, the couch, the tv and a cup of rooibos!

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5 Responses

  1. says:

    I love your Marshmallow Bunnies.They are so cute. And I check your blog everyday.BTW, I am from Beijing,China.

  2. Diem says:

    I am getting addicted to your blog! I check it out everyday now in hope of seeing new pictures and updates. Just wondering if you’ve made a start on your vegie garden yet. I am starting out with tomatoes from seed.

  3. Lillabilly says:

    I’ve been following for-absolutely-ever, including your hiatus and I just HAVE to delurk to say that I LOVE seeing your new posts every day!! So THANKYOU for such an absolute marathon of an effort! Clearly, I’m not the only appreciative person (stalker! LOL) out there in the blogosphere. Your blog is so creatively inspiring and is going a long way to encouraging me to get my own creative butt into gear and start a little blog of my own.Also, I heart your Marshmallow Bunnies too.

  4. Cristy says:

    I love that floral fabric. Where is it from?Looking forward to seeing the new Marshmallow Bunnies are they develop.

  5. casey says:

    Rooibos makes the world go round!

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