Homemade: The Handmade Recipe Book

Hello! It’s been quiet around here, I know. It’s the school holidays, and along with another round of Wintery colds my  blogging, writing, crafting, drawing etc etc (those Marshmallow Bunnies are coming along slowly) have taken a bit of a back-seat.

Something not in the back-seat is the newly released “Homemade: The Handmade Recipe Book“.

In February 2009 Victoria was victim to the worst bushfires on record, which wiped out entire communities, caused 173 deaths and left thousands without homes or shelter.

The Handmade Help Recipe Book evolved as part of handmadehelpsout.blogspot.com by a group of crafters and artists who wanted to contribute to the recovery effort.

The result is a truly international cookbook, packed with treasured recipes and family favourites, donated by people across the globe who wanted to help including well-known chefs such as Margaret Fulton, Allan Campion and Michele Curtis.

All proceeds from sales of the recipe book will be donated to the Salvation Army.

I can’t wait to check it out. I was asked to do the cover illustration and very happily obliged.

PDF copies are available now for download at a tasty $8 (AUD) or you can pre-order a paperback copy for $15 (AUD).

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  1. what a lovely project to be involved in. your cover illustration is great! and i have my copy ordered : )

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