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It’s going to be a hot few days.

Just before I get to the enormous task of digging a house into the ground under the floorboards, Coober Pedy style, so that we can survive Melbourne’s hottest week for 100 years (4 days above 40ºc / 105ºf), I thought I would post a few links.

The first is one I found via one of my favourite blogs Dancing with Frogs. It’s especially for bloggers and it’s nicely said.

Keri reminds us to embrace the season – while the quote from Rick Bass is all about Winter in Montana, it made me stop and think about how much I whinge about Summer and instead perhaps I should try loving it. Hmm, not likely, but I am going to stock up on the watermelon and the icy-poles and try not to be quite so grumpy. Maybe it’s even siesta season if only Lily would agree.

1000 Novels Everyone Must Read – at the Guardian. You know, there are tonnes of these kinds of lists but I quite like how this one is broken up into categories; War & travel (interesting combo),  Science Fiction and Fantasy, State of the Nation, Family and Self, Comedy, Crime and Love.  Reader’s recommendations are going to be published next month. 

February’s a-coming.  Shutter Sisters One Word project. (via Pip) I am not a photographer. Frankly, the idea of taking nice photo freaks me out a bit but I like the idea of this project. It might force me to think about photographing things in a different way.

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14 Responses

  1. What a beautiful photograph. In North Queensland we are waterlogged and flooded. What a contrast!

  2. Ohhh, thank you for this! What a lovely surprise! I’m glad you liked the post.By the way, I am in LOVE with your header. It’s adorable.

    Good luck with the heat wave — it’s finally above zero (F) here in the northern part of the USA. Neither extreme is very fun.

  3. Definitely an uncomfortable few days this week. I am coping by keeping my week old baby girl and I house bound, air con going and the zooper dooper icy poles ready for supply and demand. Even Piper the cat can’t be fussed to do anything – she is flopped upside down in her cat cave.

  4. Isn’t Maggie just wonderful? I linked to her post about blogging a couple of weeks ago. I too and suffering out in my suburb and it’s going to be a tough few days ahead of us 🙁 🙁

  5. Kirsty says:

    Maggie’s post was excellent. Thanks for the link.

  6. Prue says:

    Love the photography idea. I wonder if I have the time?

  7. Meg says:

    Thank you for linking to Okay, Fine Dammit, which I had never heard of. What a great find. xx

  8. Frogdancer says:

    Thank you!Some great links here.

  9. Elli says:

    It will only be in the low 30s here in WA, but I’ll buy icy poles just to commiserate.

  10. Di says:

    Wow – that’s warm! I too would be moving underground if it were that warm – perhaps we should learn from the people in Spain who made their homes in caves or the trulli houses in Southern Italy!I hope that you survive the heat and am off to check out all of those links!

  11. Anneli says:

    I am so jealous of your weather. Up here, we had an ice storm last night. This morning, when we headed to the car, we found it covered in almost an inch thick layer of ice. We literally had to brace ourselves and kick the sides of the car just to break the ice to get to the door.

  12. tracey says:

    the camera is but another muse. i hope you hop aboard and play with us in our One Word Project at Shutter Sisters. You’ll never find a more welcoming, inclusive group of creative women anywhere. : )

  13. abs says:

    The 1000 is ace!abs x

  14. kate says:

    It was 114F Friday – you area legend for in blogging in extreme weather! Thanks for the link to 1000 novels. Now my brain is compos mentis I want to read about 930 of them.

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