Speaking of Waldorf dolls…

…I have three 14″ dolls that I bought from Nova toys in the US that I would like to sell – I bought them thinking I would never actually get around to making my own version, and here I am making them. These are the dolls which “are made by Quechua women who participate in a social outreach cooperative in Peru… The dolls’ bodies are fully jointed for posing and sitting and their hair is hand-stitched to their heads and forms two braids which can be undone to have pony-tails.”

They are quite lovely, in the true, classic Waldorf sense. If you are a fan of Amanda’s SouleMama site, you will probably recognise these dolls from appearances around chez Soule.

I bought them without clothes (thinking I would at least do that bit on my own) though they do come in their underwear as pictured. They have been sitting in the box they arrived in, still in their cellophane bags for the last month or so. I bought them when they only cost $99, so I am very happy to send them on to someone who is interested for the cheaper price of USD$99 plus postage (through Paypal only).

Rather than selling them on ebay I thought I would give Loobylu visitors an opportunity to buy them so please email me ( loobylu at gmail dot com ) with your order of hair colour preference (brown, black and red) and it will be first come, first serve. Thanks!

*** Updated to say they have all gone to good homes! Thank you! ***

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  1. chiara says:

    Hello,My name is Chiara,I read your blog since 2004.To me you’re a legend!

  2. Soft Toys says:

    Waldrof dolls are very cute. I appreciate your talent.Alice

  3. hi,the dolls are very cute. you really have a great talent.

    all the best.

    thanks for posting

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