On my desk — not much at all

Well, the new desk was a complete debacle. We took down my old, grey, albatross of a desk, stacked it all in the shed, unpacked and constructed the new desk only to find that it wobbled uncontrollably, and unfortunately it was nothing to do with the assembly. We took it all apart again, packed it all up and sent it back to the manufacturer. So I have cleaned off my craft table, shoved it over to the other side of the room and it is now my computer desk. The good ol’ Ingo from IKEA – nice and cheap and solid as a rock… mostly… comparatively. Here’s my On My Desk photo for this week. A record of the most minimal my desk will ever manage to be. Crafting will have to wait until I get to IKEA and get yet another Ingo table… I love the Ingo, it’s like your basic pair of denim jeans. Goes with everything. Wear it anywhere. Dependable. And it can even be quite pretty if you dress it up.

So as you can see, life is pretty dull around here at the moment. Sick children means a lot of interior desk shots and not much else. I went out and visited Christina in her new house today, which was a nice change of scenery and inspiring as always. I even took my camera but didn’t remember to take any snaps to sparkle things up around here. I love Christina and Paul’s house, no matter where they are living. They are more settled and set up in three weeks than we are in three years. Very impressive.

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13 Responses

  1. kate says:

    We’ve got Ingo in the kitchen. It doubles occasionally as my desk, and my sewing table.Just don’t sit at it right next to a window in summer. I got very burnt on the back of the neck working that way.

  2. Kirsty says:

    Oooh a clean slate. What fun…I’ll look forward to watching it become Claire’s slate.

  3. familyvalue says:

    What a perfectly clean desk! Looks great! You’ve inspired me to clean up my desk! Looking forward to seeing the work created from that space!

  4. bookwormish says:

    Yes…I too have been inspired to clean my desk and shop at Ikea for storage solutions!

  5. kirsten says:

    Oh, the misery of having an illness that keeps cycling through the house! I hope your girls feel better soon.

  6. Maureen says:

    I have two ingo tables in my room; once in a while one goes downstairs to be a table for a meal. I love how I can switch them around easily too, which I did today. I really have 3 tables, but much cheaper than any desk.On my desk, that was an Ikea coffee table, mark down section, to which we added the wonderful red legs. I like having one table high.

  7. Kritter Krit says:

    Ooo! Clean, de-cluttered surfaces! Don’t they just make you want to high-five yourself?When I clean or organize an area, I usually walk by it a couple hundred times during the day. Stopping to stare and let out a satified sigh. The last time I cleaned out the linen closet my husband thought I was nut buckets.

    “Um. What are you doing?”

    “Just looking.” (Ahhhhhhh.)

    But, you know, men. They don’t know it’s just so GREAT!

  8. read me... says:

    Ooh, the dressed up version is SO lovely!! How nice to have a clear desk…

  9. michelle says:

    I have this very same table that I use as a desk/sewing table. It was the only thing I could afford when I first got a place of my own, “real” desks were too expensive!Leter on I got another one as a kitchen table as well! 🙂

  10. melissa says:

    How nice is it to have a clean desk. I have a photo on flickr of my desk when we first moved it – it has never been clear since!

  11. What a lovely place to surf…um write from.One day I’ll have a wonderful window to look out of too. One day….

  12. Emmarose says:

    Jeez, this photo shames me into cleaning my desk, which by the way is a door (complete with door knob hole that I feed my computer cables through) ontop to carpenters saw horses….. It is the BEST desk I’ve ever owned!

  13. Melissa says:

    Man, that is weird. We have the same desk, same computer, same lack of crap. I was thinking I should be getting a “real” desk, but there is something really nice about not having drawers and cubby holes to cram messes into. Because given that option, I’ll take it every time.

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