Project Atelier De Filles continues! I have much inspiration to keep cleaning my studio from some of my favourite Paumes titles pictured above (of the look but can’t read kind).

We are employing Mati’s MOOP theory (“Matter Out Of Place”) which I am going to paint on a plaque Mati-style and hang on the wall. It’s a very useful little word to have clanging around in your mind at a time like this. The most challenging thing is to actually find a Place for all the Matter. For the last couple of years a lot of the Matter’s Place has been the floor.

I have a new desk arriving today – not a very flash one, but one which will replace my enormous grey elephant of a computer desk which I have been putting up with for the last 9 years. I bought the old one when I was feeling all efficient and corporate and it was a big, expensive mistake. While tidying out one of the bookcases yesterday I opened up an old journal (my old “morning pages” actually) and immediately came across the line “perhaps one day I will be doing less desk-work so I can get rid of this horrible ergonomic grey computer desk and get something more ‘me’ ” – hah! Having read that just after feeling a bit guilty for ordering a new desk was very reassuring.

While cleaning out the same bookcase I also came across this old battered copy of “The Little House“. It is one of my all-time favourites.

It’s a copy from my old primary school library which my Grandma, who taught at the school, rescued at some point. It’s water damaged but also has so many important marks – my grandma’s name written in the front, my old school library’s rubber stamp, a little sticker from the store it originally came from in Adelaide which was owned by my Grandma’s friend… those sorts of things make the dirt and the shab completely unimportant.

Ok… back to pulling large amounts of junk out of cupboards and drawers.

Don’t forget that Yvonne has a shop for those who might be interested in chasing up some of those Paumes titles. She has Atelier de Filles 2 (pictured above, which I think is better than Atelier de Filles 1 because the image reproduction is much better). I got mine from Amazon Japan — but the Yvestown shipping is cheaper! My favourites are definitely all of the “Children’s Rooms” titles.

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  1. Jess says:

    I love the book “the little house” too! Definetly a childhood favourite.

  2. kate says:

    My desk has been in storage for three years. I work mostly on a laptop on the couch, which is neither “me” nor ergonomic. Anything non-computer happens on the kitchen table, the loungeroom floor, or on the couch. Or in bed.I’m really looking forward to having a slightly larger house one day so I don’t have to pack things away mid-project every day.

  3. jasmine says:

    Being heavily pregnant and very nesty at the moment, i am having a similar clean out. It is however slowed down by a curious 2 year old. You must have worked out some arrangement with your girls to go full steam ahead.So glad to see you blogging again by the way. x

  4. Lindyl says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I thought Loobylu had disappeared into oblivion! Just checked by chance (for I haven’t since about 15 months ago) and here you are again! My most favourite blogger….I was absolutely devastated to loose you and am very happy to discover that you are back again! Looking forward to catching up on everything you have been up to your via your website. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!

  5. manda says:

    i have a chuckle each time i read your comments and see an Oh My God! moment of someone discovering you are back. It must make you smile 🙂 What a precious Little House book you have.

  6. Jenny says:

    Oh that book!!I have it too and it is still one of my favourites-I used to borrow it from my school library time and time again!

  7. Sandra Ree says:

    Love your website, very charming. 🙂

  8. Carrie says:

    Yes,the little house is definitely a classic!And those paumes-I wish someone would translate them into English! We will probably collect them all in Japanese,and then they’ll come out in English so everyone will have to buy two sets(if they want to read the captions)! I have only bought a couple,hoping that soon they’ll be translated!

  9. Gin says:

    I absolutely love old books that have memories! I recently was visiting my parents when I found an old book – from over 20 years ago – and was so overjoyed to have picked it up! My hubby wasn’t too sure because it was full of ghost stories, but once we started reading it, it was a hoot! The three of us were laughing away.Old books are like old friends 😀

    Good luck on the studio!

  10. bridgette says:

    Hi, I work with kindergartners and this is also my favorite book! I think houses have souls,and this sweet book proves it!

  11. Mary Smith says:

    I love that book, The Little House! It is a great story about the environment and I have used it with my classes many times!

  12. Mimi K says:

    I love The Little House book and just recently pulled it out for inspiration! I came across a reference to Virginia Lee Burton’s fabric design (somewhere in the blog world but can’t remember where). I think you would love it- that link won’t put this comment into your spam filter garbage! Another of my favorite illustrators of that era is Wanda Gag- Millions of Cats.

  13. Kathleen says:

    The Little House is one of my favorites too! Did you ever see the disney cartoon from the fifties that told that story? It’s so cute, you should check it out.

  14. read me... says:

    So much inspiration in Paumes books!!I don’t know The Little Gouse, but feel that I need to find out more…

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