On my desk… Amelia’s Art c. 2005

On my desk on a Wednesday has rolled around quickly again.

Cute huh? Amelia did this in an art class for toddlers back in the day. While the finished product is lovely I don’t condone the practice — It was one of those classes where the lovely teacher sat at the head of the table and said “Ok now everyone take a sticker and stick it on the face, and there’s an eye! Now take another sticker and stick it on the other side of the face and there’s the other eye! Now let’s all add some wool for hair!” Etc. Craft by numbers really. Amelia can take complete credit for the colour choices though — love the red hair with the jaunty maroon feather. We lasted in that class another two sessions then I decided it was not for us and we stayed at home and made messes with glue on our own time. Amelia still, to this day, will occasionally ask “when can we go back to the art class mum? I loved that class!” — so there you go. Perhaps we should have stuck it out.

I am over this sick thing. Both girls slept through the night last night and that is a rare feat indeed but unfortunately I woke myself up coughing and hacking around 3 and so it was completely wasted. I’m off to the doctor’s this evening so perhaps that will put an end to all this complaining on my blog. Tomorrow I promise something joyful!

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13 Responses

  1. Carrie says:

    I love Amelia’s art project!I hope that you are able to fight whatever’s ailing you quickly!

  2. Marlina says:

    Amelia’s dolls is so “Roaring 20s” complete with flapper feather and pearl ornaments!Sorry to hear about your cough. Get well soon!

  3. I’ve got an old wives’ remedy for those coughs that keep you up all night – rub some vicks vapour rub on the soles of your feet, then put some socks on, and go to bed.Seems mad – but it works for me!

    Love the doll – she is rather flapper indeed…

    Leah xxx

  4. Kirsty says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon Claire. Amelia’s doll is really gorgeous. I’ve had exactly the same experience with my smallest & she still asks 5 years later when she can go back – go figure. I wonder if it was the same place?

  5. Janet says:

    You’re back, you’re back, you’re back, why did noone out there tell me!!!! I just visited your blog looking for ideas of something to do with my 4 year old nephew and did a little dance! Welcome back and….and….and…Oh you made my day! a month to catch up on and a project to find, thank you thank you thank you. (why am I saying everything 3 times?) x

  6. Cherry says:

    At least the foul weather has broken — today at least had a hint of autumn about it. Hope you’re all better soon.Did the craft-by-numbers teacher instruct the dangly eye-rings, or were they Amelia’s creative break-away?

  7. CurlyPops says:

    That’s just so cute, but I vote for letting them use their own imaginations to create what they like. It’s so much more fun!

  8. pip says:

    Aww.. miss Lu.. we did miss you.. but funnily enough I woke up with the hack, joint pain and general malaise today too. Fork Dat Shot. I heart amelia’s art. It’s remarkably like my own current attempts at being creative… come over for coffee and i promise we can hack amongst each other!

  9. momo says:

    How wonderful! Loobylu is BACK! I’m so glad I kept checking every now and then to see if you’d pop up again. Yay! And I get to trawl and read back to February!I absolutely love little Amelia’s creation! I think she’s made a historical replica of Ms. Tilly Devine there, she of the sly grog shop and (many) other misdemeanours.

  10. Ward says:

    Oh Claire, you know I love this! Wonderful work by your little one. That would definitely inspire me on a daily basis.I can’t believe that it took me this long to find out that you’re back on the blogging wagon! I’m such a loser. I’ve been taking a break as well, and I’m finding it hard to stay away. But it’s a necessary break. Work must be first. It pays the bills. My blog….unfortunately does not.

    So so so so glad you’re back! Loving all the new posts. Can’t wait to stick with you now. Got you on my RSS feed, sister.

    How are things, by the way? Hope you’re feeling better. Get well soon!

  11. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been blurking for awhile but I’ve run into a design dilemma for a quilt I’ve been working on so I decided to come out of the woodwork. I was wondering if you or any of your readers wanted to stop over at my only partially craft blog and help me.www.princessmax.blogspot.com


  12. Marina says:

    Love the artwork! Interesting to read some thoughts on the structured vs. unstructured approach to kids craft. I ran a craft session at my daughter’s kindy last week and decided to let them do their own thing. Found that half the little ones just sat and stared at the strange newcomer dispensing glitter and glue (me) and the other half got into it without any help. Suppose it depends on the age and personality of the child….??

  13. Sally says:

    I laughed and laughed at this having dragged my now 3 year old boy to every type of class in the local area. I often found that the classes I liked he hated and I had to learn to let him be my guide and not impose my values upon him.Having said that he probably would have preferred not to go to any class and just sit in the sandpit all day.

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