Ow, my toe is sore, I will say it time and time again

I think I might have broken my toe, or a bone in my foot. It’s purple and it’s very sore but I have no idea how I did it. I have a vague recollection of dropping something on it and saying “ow, that really hurt” but it seems to have snuck up on me. So I am limping around feeling grumpy. I did a tag search on flickr for “grumpy” and it’s quite a good one really. The tag search for “broken toe” is off putting but confirms my fears that I have a break none the less.
We have just come home from Amelia’s Christmas concert which was lovely, of course. Amelia was a cute little angel and sang like a star. Lily was very well behaved and even smiled through a huntsman incident – which involved not a very big, but still spidery, spider crawling all over her baby car capsule just after Phil had put her back inside it. We all shouted, screamed, stamped and panicked embarrassingly in front of most of Amelia’s class mates, parents and teachers, but the huntsman didn’t touch the baby which I feel is the most important thing. I guess big spiders could be one draw back to sending Amelia to kinder in a school set in beautiful National Park settings.

Anyway, I must go. Amelia is hyped on post-concert biscuit sugar and won’t go to sleep. I can hear things getting tense out there.

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14 Responses

  1. I just googled huntsman spider and HOLY COW!

  2. Huntsman spiders are very scary looking, but I’m assured they are harmless. Can imagine what it’d be like to see one heading for your baby though. I found a scorpion heading for our baby on an outing once and freaked!

  3. eeek!Nothing more Aussie than the notorious huntsman car dance.
    Hope your foot get better soon.

  4. I love the Medical Diagnosis by Flickr! flickr is good for so many things 🙂

  5. I don’t think there is much you can do for a broken toe. Except try not to walk on that foot and drink lots of something that will make you feel better.
    Don’t you love a good Aussie spider.

  6. Aaah! I just googled “huntsman spider” (I am in New York, so I don’t know what they are) and those things are EVIL! I would have been screaming my head off too, don’t worry. Of course I scream my head off at mosquitoes or fruit flies getting too close too, but whatever.

  7. meep! hope the toe gets better soon!

  8. dwbm@comcast.net says:

    yes, all those broken toes are just a bit too much to take. Feet, yuck. I too broke my toe, but it was a while ago. It still hurts, because of course I didn’t go to the doctor and get it set or anything. I just lived with it. Big strong mother that I am. LOL

  9. Sorry about your toe, but I can’t help laughing when I picture the carry-on in the kinder car park. Huntsmen run so fast and have such long, hairy legs.
    I can still to this day (and he is now finishing grade 5) picture my little Angel in his white robe, silver tinsel halo and THE most angelic smile heaven can make singing Away In A Manger.

  10. i_annett@yahoo.com.au says:

    Broken toes are officially Not Fun. And there’s not much to do for them, except strap ’em. And be grumpy. And get an extra glass of wine for dinner…

  11. We have huntsman spiders here too, and I’m deathly afraid of them.
    Hope your toe mends quickly!

  12. Okay, all my posturing about how I can’t freak out when I see a spider so that Franklin won’t start his own phobias would be thrown out the windows had I encountered one of those (freshly googled).

  13. i know how you feel about having a broken bone. i just broke my collar bone 2 weeks ago. man, now i feel grumpy. =(( but i hope u get well soon.