25 days of NaBloPoMo

My dentist told me that it takes 30 days to create a habit (she was talking about flossing) and I think she might be right. Starting off blogging every day this month was really hard, most evenings I sat down and moaned about how I had nothing to say and how I was too tired and how I wanted to watch TV instead and so on. Now, 25 days later I most days I feel I still have nothing to say, but I have relaxed a little and accepted that not every entry (or any for that matter) is going to be groundbreaking or change lives or inspire anyone or even make anyone laugh, and it has got a lot easier. There is less than a week left of NaBloPoMo and hopefully, unless there are unforeseen circumstances, I should make the distance.
I wish I had more time to write about the things which are really on my mind – to talk about creative stirrings and a feeling that life is gradually getting back on track and how much I love my little girls and why and what they mean to me. I also wish there was time to talk about the days when I find that being a mum is still something that feels so unnatural to me and I wonder what on earth I am doing but somehow usually when I wake up the next morning things feel much better again.

But there isn’t time to explain it all, so I post snippets instead and hope that they somehow convey a sense of all these things.

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14 Responses

  1. I think you speak for a lot of mothers. I can relate to feeling such joy in my children at times and such absurdity at my role as a mother at other times. It still surprises me how it all mingles together.

  2. I think what’s hardest about blogging — and I’m somewhat of a newbie to it — is that you are writing about real life. It makes sense not to actually *want* to post every day.That said, I’ve really enjoyed your blog! Following posts and links makes the world feel a bit smaller somehow.

  3. only 5 more nablopomo posts to go – yippee!

  4. Personally for meThere is something Spectacular about the Ordinary Lives that we live.. In between the Laundry, the sleepless nights,that is the Spectacular Stuff that I love to read about ,, yeah yeah sure i adore the dolls and the crafts etc they inspire me . But the greatest creation I ever had a hand in run around my ankles daily

  5. I agree with you. NaBloPoMo has been challenging but fun and has really given me a perspective on my posts that I didn’t have before.
    … I also look at my girl and think about the babe on the way and wonder how on earth, in a blink, I suddenly became a ‘mother’ … surreal!

  6. Longtime lurker standing up in the audience to say I love your blog. I get a little thrill when I see that you’ve posted, so November was a very good month. I enjoy the craft posts (because I’m all thumbs with a needle) and I enjoy the “find the baby in the pile of laundry” posts (because who can’t relate to that?).

  7. Your heart and honesty comes through and is a joy to read. Thankyou for keeping up with the daily posts. just doing that inspires.

  8. Well put. I love reading about my favourite bloggers stuff — both personal and crafty. And I think you really have to be a regular reader to truly appreaciate a blog like yours — which is why I keep coming back every day.
    And for the record, I totally agree on the mum stuff. I love my girl with all my being, but I sometimes feel like a total fraud.

  9. What a fabulous site!
    Posting is an obsession for me, although I am sure most everyone doesn’t give a hoot what I have to say (although I say it anyway!). Blogging is such a cathartic process for me.

    You’ve gained a new reader in me, and I can’t wait to come back often 🙂

  10. Oh, Claire, your blog is lovely, I’ve enjoyed every one of the past 25 entries … and all the other squillions that weren’t so jam-packed, timewise. You so charmingly convey all of those things you cite: the struggles and joys of being a mum, being a wonderfuly creative and thoughtful person, and just the lovely lady that is you. There’s no need to make anyone laugh when you always make people smile.
    (Lordy, someone please embroider that on a cushion.)


  11. homa_reader@yahoo.com says:

    I think the whole process was inspiring, your goal setting and doing it.
    About 30 days, for creating habits, we, muslims, believe 40 days. and It is usual that if someone want to forget or gain a new habit, practise it for 40 days.

  12. discosmurf@gmail.com says:

    Just had to say how moved I was by this post… I became a mum for the first time four months ago, to a beautiful baby girl. I often wonder what I was thinking when we decided to have a baby, and can feel that I’m totally unqualified for the job! The day you left this post was a good day, and everything felt easy (for the most part!!)

  13. karenthelwell@hotmail.com says:

    Your posts definitely convey all of the things you said. I love reading this blog – and Kiddley too!

  14. You know what, Claire?Your life was never off track. 😀

    The entries this month were beautiful. No matter how tired, frazzled, bored, or busy you may feel, your blog has always had a sweetness, charm and whimsy about it.
    It has a kind of grace that transcends all those mundane things in life, as hokey as that may sound.

    It’s been a treat to read Loobylu daily this month. Thanks!