Gingerbread days

Yesterday started out beautifully… good moods all round – music, gingerbread, jokes, laughing, quiet self-directed creative play etc etc. And then I made the mistake of letting Amelia – no, sorry, correction – actually suggesting to Amelia that she might like to watch an hour of tv. Maybe it’s just a coincidence and maybe it would have happened anyway, but she did and then afterwards it was MELTDOWN and TIME OUT and Amelia SHOUTING and MUM SHOUTING and Amelia SOBBING and Lily SCREECHING and Mum tearing at huge wads of her own hair in frustration and then thankfully Dad taking one of the small ones off to the park for an hour while I cooked dinner. Once more peace and happiness descended until bedtime.

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12 Responses

  1. says:

    The gingerbread look fantastic, could you provide the recipe?

  2. TV meltdowns are almost always guaranteed around here. That’s just another reason why I hate the damn thing. Sometimes though you just HAVE to give in to it. Evil isn’t it?

  3. I hear you on this one. Sometimes things can just turn on you in a second. My husband is out of town for a solid week and I’m really wishing I had someone to take the kids to the park for me while I make dinner or fold the laundry or sweep the floors or clean the bathroom. All of these chores can be quite theraputic–as long as no one is crying at your feet as you do them.

  4. says:

    I think the trick is to have the tv alternative lined up for when the big switch off happens, and one that involves you for a bit eg. now Amelia lets draw some pictures of us cooking, or do some chalk drawing on the concrete path? Also never forget the 10 and 5 minute warnings that ease them out of the tv (or computer or Nintendo or whatever).Plan B and distraction = a mother’s best friend! Sounds like you’re doing a good job anyway!

  5. once amelia and lily hit their teens, though, you can look forward to periods of shouting followed by periods of not talking. it’s great fun.

  6. Oh dear. But boy does that gingerbread look yummy, Claire!

  7. Sorry you had a crappy afternoon. I am sure that was the reason my boys had 7pm bed times for sooooo long.

  8. says:

    i sympathise much ! & yes, those cookies look GOOD. by the way, i am enjoying your daily posts so much ! good luck in following through for the month of november !

  9. I think you must have been visiting my house… We’re selling the TV. I just need the guy to come pick it up and we will have a reading nook 🙂

  10. says:

    Mmmm lovely looking cookies! Lately I’ve noticed that quite often if Stella is watching telly it’s because I’ve offered it, even though in principle I’m not a huge fan of children watching tv (small doses fine but too much stifles creativity etc). I think it’s that even if we’re having a good day, I long for a break, a little bit of time when I don’t have to be “on”. Can’t help feeling guilty about it though… But sounds like you dealt with meltdown mode well, getting her out of the house and letting it blow over. I love Loobylu and Kiddley, so glad to have found them!

  11. says:

    hello you poor stressed overworked mum! at least the cookies look yum — can you post the recipe? i’m thinking they would look good in xmas tree shapes!

  12. says:

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to indulge once more in your daily posts. It’s lovely to hear about your creativity, inspirations and yes, the frustrations: it’s what makes your blog so genuine. You always sound so upbeat but not pollyanna-ish. You inspire me so much.I hope kiddley and kiddley links does become an opportunity to turn your skills into a business – you so very much deserve it Claire!
    Hang in there, and thanks again for sharing your life and observations.
    Now, about that gingerbread…