Pling plink pling pling plunk

Today was going to be my Christmas shopping day (trying to keep it to the minimum this year ) – but I couldn’t have picked a worse day weather-wise… Snow?! I have sent Amelia off to Kinder in her thermal underwear and her woolly hat while she lamented that there hasn’t been as many “short sleeves days” as I had promised would be the case as we come towards the end of Spring. Lily is lying quietly tucked up in bed, looking at her hands in between naps, which is really what any sensible girl would be doing on a day like this. With two weeks until Summer, and weather gurus talking about it being another scorcher, I am not sure how many of us were ready for this cold snap.

Regardless of whether we do actually get any snow here, it has started to hail so I am afraid for my little tomato plants newly living in the ground. Perhaps it will make them hardier… perhaps that’s wishful thinking.

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  1. Hiya Clarie! Comeing by to see what is up. Went again to the Imagination Station here in Indiana and saw more of your stuff! The lady there thinks I am the bees knees since I know ‘of’ you and visited your blog for years! LOL I put some of your things in lay-a-way for my girls for Christmas. Anywho, have a great day hon…your kidlins are growing up like weeds!!!!! Course so are mine! LOL they grow way too fast.

  2. SNOW??In mid-November!!!
    I heard it on the radio in Sydney and I thought they were joking!

    Hope the tomato plants get through the hail too.
    Eeeek is right!

  3. Yeah, F is thinking perhaps planting them in October wasn’t the wisest idea. But at least you didn’t have to drag a small one out of the hail – he thought it was great fun to play in!

  4. says:

    All this talk of global warming, and it’s freezing! Crazy to see the hail today. I don’t really think that these weather experts have a clue. NO matter what, man cannot control weather.

  5. we had snow in East Gippsland, some reckon it even snowed on 90 Mile Beach!?!
    and despite a warning from worksafe victoria about building site precautions in today’s gale force winds, our poles are still standing 🙂

  6. what is it with the hail at the moment?It hailed in Adelaide a few days ago, now Melbourne and today we had a big whopper of a hail storm in Brisbane. There was even large hail at 7.30 this morning in the middle of Qld..very strange!

  7. Oh we had crazy hail and rain in sheets in Hobart too! You might expect it in Tasmania but the coldest November day in 40 years is a bit much! Come on sunshine!

  8. I put three tomato plants in on Sunday, I hope they are still there. To top the freezing day off we just had a one hour power cut. No heating and no lights.
    Did I hear 5′ over night and a whopping top of 15 tomorrow?

    Spring where?

  9. says:

    Sounds like our spring in New England. I live on an island and we have winter until summer hits us like a hammer. It is said that only in new england will you see people wearing shorts and parkas and if you go from heat to air conditioning in one day, then you must live in New Enland

  10. says:

    I am surprised you are having snow with summer fast approaching. We are having very warm temperatures with winter fast approaching! In the news report on the snow, they used the phrase, “rug up.” What does that mean?

  11. Oh I loved the little story of the class trip, how cute, and isnt it awful when your child makes you feel as though you dont know what your doing. I cant believe it snowed too, but we just got hail, although Gisborne got snow and their a 15 min drive away and we still have rain today too. Just an idea for the tomato plants, tie a plastic bag over the top just so if there is a frost they wont get burnt.

  12. My little tomatoes are feeling the same way

  13. That photo makes me laugh!

  14. We didn’t get snow in Adelaide but it was bloody cold yesterday. I put shoes on my son for school and had to find something warm to wear to work.

  15. Oooh, we are just getting into serious winter in the US…. brrrr.your tomatoes should be ok. Just wink at them like you know as much.
    My bro and sis in law live in Sydney and they just sent more pictures of my perfect nephew who is three weeks new and said it is “tooo hot to burp” how nice to live in Oz.
    Anyhoo, good luck with NaBloPoMo!

  16. I have to admit, I’m very envious of you moving from Spring into Summer as we move from Fall into Winter. You’re saying good-bye to the winter blahs and the cold weather just as I embark on it. The grass always looking better on the other side, doesn’t it?

  17. says:

    Its so cold its crazy!! Of course we dont have snow here in Sydney But the winds are blowing a gale. My husband works on power lines and has just been called out because so many have been taken down by falling tree branches. He will be out till the wee hours of the morning…while Im warm in bed..heehee

  18. says:

    today was the coldest day in sydney in over a century. what is going on? eep! *snuggles up to heat pack*

  19. Hope your tomatoes grow beautifully!
    Yes, I just left Melbourne after three hailstorms in a row and am now in the NE States facing a few months of winter weather. (But that’s fine with me..I’m hoping for some snow ’round Christmas.)

    -I read somewhere that global warming makes both weather extremes worse. And storms more frequent & severe. Seems to be going that way, doesn’t it?

    Mrs NE: “Rug up” means dress warmly.