Packing up

Paul and Christina have just left for home after a little pizza, a little Katamari and a lot of cutting and folding. We have been working on Christina’s packaging for some of her Blythe outfits and I am quite impressed with our combined effort. Paul got very good at wielding a tiny little scalpel with a pivoting blade and cut some very deft curves despite Amelia accidentally shaking our very wobbly kitchen table at regular intervals.

I have just published a photo over on Kiddley which the three year old daughter of a Kiddley reader took. It’s quite beautiful. And she’s THREE!

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2 Responses

  1. They are little works of art in themselves!

  2. Very beautiful photo! and those packaging labels are so proffessional and impressive/cute. I had a look at your friend’s journal site, and love her work. i find it very inspiring to discover these real professional looking products, both your work and hers, for sale that are created from beginning to end by yourselves. (rather than produced by a conglomerate or business persons employing artists, and usually not their worth).