In the swing

Today was a day spent cleaning and working but we finished with a walk to the park after an early dinner. Late Spring with it’s long days is very nice indeed. Late Spring, long days and a clean house is even better!

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11 Responses

  1. Look at Lily’s eyes! She is beautiful! The best part of today’s weather was getting 4 loads of washing done!

  2. Oh my goodness Claire, how big is Lily getting?

  3. oh dear, first thing that popped in my mind was “Is she be THAT big already??”Yay for Lily!
    Now, seriouslly, what are you feeding her? *smile*

  4. says:

    What beautiful gorgeous green eyes Lily has!

  5. I am too weak of spirit to have actually joined NaBLOPoMo, so I’m making a point of commenting! It was fun to realize i’d been here before when you were still pregnant with Lily! and there she is peeking out! Dig your illustrations and crafts! BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I’m loving your husband’s shirt… and that little sweet babe… she does have big beautiful eyes!