Slow ol’ Thursday

Blogging every day of the month is proving to be an interesting challenge. Today, for example, we have had a playdate, a weekly shop at the supermarket, a messy house to tidy before our fortnightly cleaning lady visits tomorrow (a treat we have had since Lily was born), a headache and a friend for dinner tonight. Where does writing a witty, creative, interesting and potentially inspiring post fit in to all of that? In any other month I would have written today off as a non-blog day but due to NaBloPoMo I am sitting here while Amelia watches Playschool and Lily sleeps a long afternoon nap and I ponder.
So because I am feeling lazy, here are a list of things I am loving at the moment: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Angela’s bears, red in rooms (via Yvonne), blackbirds singing, new Paumes books, On My Desk, Maggie Alderson books, Wee Hairy Beasties, Lily’s eyes, Amelia’s drawings, rockbuns and my pillow after Lily’s evening feed, knowing there will be a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep. Bliss.

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  1. says:

    I think that’s the beauty of NaBloPoMo, that even when you think nothing worthy of writing about is happening, it still forces you to capture a slice of real life. And your readers love a daily dose of Loobyloo 🙂

  2. you clean the house before the cleaning lady arrives . . . oh man!

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for being my daily “treat”. After designing too many layouts trying to get a magazine ( to print, and hearing from one particular client that they don’t like the fifth version of the ad I’ve created, I particularly love logging on to LoobyLu and hearing your stories. I know it’s a mammoth effort for you to deliver a blog every day, but Jo is right, your readers do love a daily dose of LoobyLu. Thank you. Annie x

  4. I hardly ever comment, but I just wanted to say it’s been really nice to see a post everyday from you. I’ve been following your blog since before you married Big-P (!!), and I’m glad you’re continuing to blog despite being overwhelmed by two small girls.

  5. I’ve heard rumors that Studio 60 may be cancelled but I’m not believing it…I’m loving it too.

  6. I think you’re doing just great! It’s so good to be reading your blog again…it’s always inspiring.

  7. Ahhhh… the pillow at night. I have a 7 week old son and know how good uninterrupted sleep feels. One of life’s simple pleasures.Lori

  8. A witty/creative/interesting/potentially inspiring blog entry is a good blog entry, for sure.
    But slice-of-life blog entries in which a list of things that make the blogger happy is shared with her readers? That’s a good blog entry, too.

    I’ve only clicked one of your links thus far, but looking at Angela’s bears definitely made me smile, so thanks for sharing!

  9. I am loving Studio 60, too!
    And I just found out from my lovely friend, Jules, who writes a TV blog ( Studio 60 has been given the Go for an entire season!! Whoo Hoo!! (though there for a while there was a pretty good chance of it being cancelled!)

    So hope that makes your day better Loobylu and Courtney…

  10. Long-time lurker, never a commenter (I don’t think) – coming out to say how much it rocks that you’re posting every day.
    Your site is amazing and an inspiration. It always manages to leave me in awe. Hooray for outside influences!

  11. Hmm, once again the idea of a human milking machine hooked up to the baby’s crib comes to mind – you could have a special bra with pumps on it, and a suction thing like a dummy for the baby while it’s sleeping and… oh never mind. It even sounds gross to me as I’m typing it out. When are those robot nursemaids going to be invented?

  12. My husband and I really enjoy watching “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” too. The only problem is that it’s one of those shows in jeopardy. The network will probably pull it if the ratings don’t improve. Don’t you just hate when they do that without giving it a decent chance?

  13. says:

    Yes, can I agree and reinforce by saying how much I love hopping into loobylu and finding an entry each day. Thanks Claire