I feel like I need to be sitting near a pool somewhere sipping a cocktail, reading a trashy book. This afternoon I made do with a long bath (not too deep of course! There’s not much water on this here continent) and a cup of tea and a trashy book. I have never been a big book-in-the-bath kind of person but these days I have discovered how amazingly nice it is. It’s like a peaceful bubble of warm, quiet “me time”. Trashy books are good because if you drop them in it doesn’t really matter. It’s a pity that my discovery has coincided nicely with our national water crisis and tighter water restrictions.
Anyway, the reason for my long bath was that this morning we hosted Amelia a Halloween (belated) birthday party. For some reason my reaction to the pre-party organisation was extreme. It wasn’t a very big party, only four families in total but for the last three days I have been having those pre-migrane zig-zaggy flashing lines across my vision and I have been screaming like a Halloween banshee at anyone who happens to refuse to eat their vegetables, or smears their yogurt on their ankles or calls out repeatedly for drinks of water after lights out. I am not sure why I have been lying awake at night thinking things like “oh yes, popcorn, brilliant idea, everyone will eat popcorn, must add that to the list.” etc. I have no idea why it all seemed so incredibly hard this year but I will put it down to the general lack of peaceful sleep over the last few months.

The party was fine, the small handful of guests were all the children of good family friends and were all very well behaved and quite charming. Parents chatted amicably and nibbled the adult-designated cakes. The games were mostly a great success thanks to Big-P and his ability to tame a wild crowd of cushion-throwing preschoolers. Vast quantities of food was consumed without too much complaining or a food fight and everyone went home happily with a prize. Afterwards I felt pretty good, like I had just run a marathon and I did a lot of happy dances because now that’s over! And now there are only 9 weeks until Christmas!

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15 Responses

  1. Hooray for books in the tub! My longtime favorite. Congrats on surviving the party and attendant pre-party stress. I feel your pain.

  2. It all gets a little like that this time of year ..
    I know I have been starting to get edgy in anticipation of ‘arrghh’ 😉

  3. Twas a great party. I was especially amazed how after the usual “party”/sugar food the kids were very very well behaved and especially managing the impromptue game of Jai alai with great success.

  4. ashalulu@gmail.com says:

    i was in crazy stress land myself last month leading up to my daughter’s 4th birthday party, way too much stress and same sleepless nights (how about blue jelly with chocolate fish for a mermaid party, that’ll be good right?) .. once it was over it was like a million pound weight was lifted. Here’s to more trashy books in the bath. Great idea. 🙂

  5. It always seems like it is going to be fun to organise and have a party…but come the days before the event…MAJOR STRESS.
    Why do we do it to ourselves?

    Water crisis. It is bad up here in the northern part of OZ too. Soon we will only be able to use buckets in restricted hours and days. I have a beautiful spa bath which I dream about using. I have used it 3 times in the 15 months we have lived here. I just can’t bring myself to fill it up. I hope this drought breaks soon so I can have a guilt free spa one day!

  6. Fill the bath Claire, no one is going to worry about how much water you used in the privacy of your bathroom. I saw the local racecourse watering the damn track last week, now that is a waste of water.
    We too have had the “last birthday before Christmas” so now the race is on … gifts, wrapping paper, more gifts and fitting in all those end of year celebrations.

    I’m glad the party went well, Happy Halloween.

  7. zhoujiejosie@yahoo.com.cn says:

    in my country,it is cool now(sometimes we feel hot),a little dry,but we have enough water.

  8. Reading in the bath definately and all time fav relawer of mine too!

  9. I was THRILLED when I saw your book at the Imagination Station here in Indiana! I KNEW that was you and told the owner, that has to be Claire of Loobylu!!!! And she is like, You KNOW her? So I got to act like a hot shot. *snort* Of course, I bought the book too!

  10. the klutz book is si cure and sweet claire. i purchased it for my 6 year old neice so hopefully she’ll send me some notes to cherish. thank you!

  11. brecksouth@yahoo.om says:

    My daughter just turned 7 and for the first time we didn’t have a halloween/pumpkin painting birthday party which made me so sad. I’ve loved seeing the kids in their costumes each year. The party goes off without a hitch because we’ve done the same thing year after year – buy a bunch of pumpkins and set the kids loose with paints, glitter and giant smocks. (There’s always one kid that paints the whole thing black – too funny.) The kids take home the pumpkins as the favor and we take a group picture with the kids & the pumpkins for the thank you note. It also been the way we’ve met her classmates each year – since her birthday is one of the earliest – we’ve been able to meet the kids & parents early on. Thanks for a post that took me back down memory lane.

  12. what was Amelia’s costume? Please share!

  13. You need no excuse for a relaxing bath and trashy novel!!

  14. eeeeek boy do I know that “freak out phase” before an event…mine comes before a deadline as well…sigh…how am I suppossed to manage both? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you manage a family and illustrate…

  15. What a funny opening line!!! You are inked BTW!!