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While one is watching some afternoon tv and a light sleep is momentarily entertaining the other, I thought I might try to throw some words up here to fill in the emptiness. This comes with a warning: I still don’t have a great deal to say – when one friend rang the other day and asked me if I had any exciting news, I weakly mentioned how I had gone up to the bakery the day before and bought a boston bun. Hmmm.
Lily has started smiling. Mostly she smiles at Christina’s paintings which hang above our bed and at shadows on the ceiling but at other times she will even smile at people, even me once or twice!

We have been sick again (again! ahh!). I came down with mastitis which was a bit of a shock. It coincided with Lily sleeping through 7 hours one night. Every silver lining has a cloud I guess. Honestly, breast feeding is not my idea of a good time. I promised myself I wouldn’t suffer through it again if it was horrible, but here I am thinking “I must keep going”. Obviously it’s early days so of course I will keep going but that doesn’t mean I’m having fun!

These days I live for evening TV. We are currently immersed in Bleak House, Project Runway, Rockstar Supernova (sad but true), The House of Elliot and Scrubs. I spend a good part of the day waiting for night fall so I can flick on the box. I taped The First Tuesday Book Club the other night and as a result I am now reading The Shadow of the Wind ready for next month’s show. It’s kind of trashy and over written but I find that it’s a good way to kill the time when feeding. Anyone else taking part?

We’ve had two days of sensational weather – we even managed to get out yesterday and enjoy the sun. We sat by the river and sipped coffees and baby cinos while geese honked and splashed aggressively nearby.

For those of you who don’t live in Melbourne, you can see the colour of the majestic Yarra over on the right. Lovely eh?

Christina bought me back some beautiful fabric from Japan and now my mind is clicking back into gear – I want to make Lily a doll or some other kind of softie for Christmas and of course, I have another Christmas stocking (or ugg boot) to stitch.

Speaking of fabric, stitching and softies, check out this cuteness. (via Christina and My Little Mochi).

My brain is fuzzy but I managed to string that all out! Time to go.

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  1. Glad to know you and baby are doing well, despite the mastitis. Keep enjoying lovely days outside — it helps clear the head and you can take on anything that life throws your way ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. bless you, you sweet thing. don’t you worry about being exciting, getting enough sleep is your #1 priority young lady! (although i am glad to see the update!) glad to hear things are going well, and good for you on keeping up with the nursing. I found that once I hit 3 months, I started to enjoy it, but before then, ugh, it was just HARD. *hug* take care, sweetie

  3. Man, these are spooky reminders of things in the early days of Oscar, mastitis, you poor thing. But how sweet is that first 7 hours sleep?We love the night tv too, and I’m so glad you’re honest about that, i was kind of feeling bad about how much I enjoy it. Where do you get Project Runway from – i’m hooked and the internet seems to be a bit tardy on the downloads!

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    Well I think going to the shop for a boston bun sounds great.All of us who have had newborns know that its the little things, that are sometimes the BIGGEST of all. Thanks for the softies link, such gorgeous fabric!!!

  5. Oh Claire so sorry to hear mastitis has struck. Make sure you are confident in your health care professional. My friend had some terrible advice and ended up having all kinds of trouble. But as you know it’s all worth it in the end if you persevere. You amaze me having the creative energy to be dreaming up projects with your already very full plate! Well done you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. It’s nice to hear from you again! I’m glad you are just enjoying your babies–I think everyone understands your absence!
    Breastfeeding was not fun for me either. I admire your resolve!

  7. So heartening to see someone owning up about breastfeeding not always being that beoootiful experience that everyone insists it will be. Better for some than others. Looking back, I realise that an unhappy mum will feed unhappy milk, but it’s been 10 years and I still feel bad about it. My girl didn’t get that first 7 hour sleep till she hit the bottle.
    Best of luck with the mastitis.

  8. says:

    Hey Claire, good to hear from you…thinking of you often on the opposite side of the planet. It must have felt good to get outside and do something other than diaper duty. My twins are 10 months now and those first months are just a blurry memory. Good luck with keeping it all in perspective ๐Ÿ™‚ How is Amelia holding up? my Taylor started biting her nails a bit when the twins arrived, hard habit to break! I got a glimpse of what’s to come with these pair of monkeys.. they stand at the crib and my girl Erica says “bub, haay BUB BUB!” (what she calls her brother) and waves her free hand as if it indicate “Let go!” … to which her twin somehow understands, grins and lets go so he crashes down on the crib mattress. This makes wee Erica laugh hysterically and he gets up and the routine starts again! Lordy, they’ll be prompting each other to eat worms before I know it! Take care, new pic of Lily would be lovely.

  9. Oh, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. I’ve had mastitis a couple of times, I know it’s no fun at all. But it always gets better, and when it’s good, it’s so nice to be able to nurse.
    Just make sure and let the nipples breathe and don’t constrict the fatty tissue. Bras are the enemy!


  10. says:

    Iยฌยฅm happy to read you again. I really appreciate your honesty about breast feeding, of course itยฌยฅs important, but certainly not allways enjoyable.It caused a lot of mixed emotions in me.
    Again, sorry for my English.

  11. that is such a cute picture. I adore amelia’s hat! hope you all get well soon!

  12. I’m so sorry that you had mastitis. I had it with my daughter, Elsie. I have never felt more miserable in my life! Hot compresses, warm showers and Advil were my only relief while waiting for the medicine to work. Take care and get rest (if that’s possible with two little ones) so you can get over the infection. If you can perservere with breast feeding or a breast pump, it is supposed to make things clear up more quickly… but for me it hurt like my breast was in a vice everytime Elsie latched on. Eventually everything cleared up and I felt much, much better. Good luck!

  13. That image brings forth a cozy feeling. Please know your blog continues to inspire, and I have enjoyed reading it very much. Best wishes for renewed health, and thanks. (Have only commented maybe once before due to new mommyhood.)

  14. It’s nice to hear how you’re doing. Go easy on yourself and vedge. There’ll be time for crafting some other day. Oh, and Christina’s paintings make me smile too!

  15. Hi Claire โ€šร„รฎ Sorry about your mastitis woes, but: Yay! to Lily sleeping 7 hours through! I clicked on your cuteness link in this post, and the cute little softies made me think of something I saw a long, long time ago on a visit to Montreal. One of the museums we visited featured an artist who had taken children’s drawings and basically created a plush softy that was identical to the child’s drawing โ€šร„รฎ or as close as it could get. They were so cute! So if the drawing featured a huge orange head and one green arm and one blue arm and squiggly hair and one leg two inches longer than the other โ€šร„รฎ by golly, that’s just what the softy toy looked like. It was really cute. Might be a nice way to get Amelia involved; have her draw a picture for Lily and then you turn it into a softy toy.
    Sorry for the long comment… Cheers from California!

  16. That is the most adorable photo!

  17. says:

    That is the cutest photo of Amelia with her espresso cup and one-ear-up toque. She looks like a bored little hipster.

  18. Oh, I’m so sorry you guys are sick again, feel better soon!

  19. Good to see you back!
    I tried so hard to breastfeed Grumbles, but I must say it was a relief when the milk dried up and we had no choice but to go with the bottle.

  20. I think you either love breast feeding or you hate it, I loved it and was disappointed when my youngest stopped at 10 months. Hang in there Claire it’s so rewarding.
    Yum a Boston bun sounds great and that baby chino looks wonderful too.

    It looks like spring has come a little early to Melbourne, lets enjoy these sunny days while they last.

  21. Good to hear your news. Ouch re: Mastitis. I had a friend who swore by a cure: boil up some cabbage leafs…and apply for one hour. Not a great look…but apparently it works. I loved The Shadow of the Wind but have friends who couldn’t stand it! I think Zafon did a fantastic job.

  22. says:

    Hey Claire,
    Baby brainfog would be tough work I’d guess
    (having not been there yet)

    Bravo for being able to string a sentence together ๐Ÿ™‚

    And that is such a cute photo of Amelia.

    I agree about shadow of the wind, it’s a bit like the da vinci code in that its a good story, if somewhat implausible, but the characters are quite 2-d.

    Take good care of yourself chickadee ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. Oh no poor you and your poor boobs! I has mastistus too and my opinion is that it was much worse than childbirth. Trust your intuition re everything and shut out any well-meaning advice; and continue to be the kick-ass mum you know you are!

  24. Oh yes, the baby chino, Marcel aged 2 just loves them! I think it is something to do with holding the little handle!! thankyou for the updates claire, it makes my work day more bearable! Just had a double period with my year 10 Art class, boy can teenagers be rowdy!!

  25. keep going. i kept my ideas journal with me when doing late night feeds. I often felt frustrated that I had no time to do anything fun or was all about constantly being a mum for such a long time. So I would scribble all my ideas down in my book. It might take you longer to get back into your craft groove now that you have 2, but you will find time soon.
    Spring is just around the corner.

    Good luck.

  26. how cute is that hat? ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Like Fran said cabbage leaves are great for mastitis, you can also try lettuce leaves if you’re feeling hot and sore.
    And if you do decide you’ve had enough with the breastfeeding lettuce leaves in your bra and lots of coke to drink will bring down your milk supply quite quickly.

  28. says:

    Hi Claire, I’m new to your blog, but very happy to have found a blogging mumma. My fouth babe (a boy) was born – by c-section – June 7th this year, so I’m extra interested in your and little Lily’s journey as we travel our own.
    I too find breastfeeding a big commitment and an astonishingly painful one in these early weeks. I have however found a small luxury in merino breast pads keeping me warm and giving a sense of safety in what is a freezing NZ winter.

    We’re really enjoying Kiddley as well, thanks for the good ideas and beautiful things!

  29. Hello Claire,That picture of Amelia is just so lovely! I have to say, while I admittedly know nothing about mastitis, further to Fran’s comment, a Croatian friend of mine has mentioned the marvels of boiled cabbage leaves in reducing assorted swellings. Perhaps you could give it a try – sort of like a coconut bra, sauerkraut style.

  30. Hi Claire, its great to see you are starting to leave the house! Its nice to be able to go for walks and change the scenery for a while! I remember how much effort it was to go anywhere with my little one when we first got home, it seemed daunting just to go for a little walk! I hope your feeding starts to get better, I have just finished at 20 months! He still wants it and I feel guilty, but its time for a break before another one comes along! And wow, youre already thinking about chrissy pressies, I better too! Have a great week, love Shae xo

  31. says:

    Hi enjoying your writing thank you – my second bubby is 2 weeks old now and feeding every 3 hours – I have forgotten how exhausting being a new mum is – I cant get to the telly; although managed to watch that NZ love show on SBS o8.30 on Friday night! Cheesy and terrible, but I love it!
    My first is at creche today hope to get some drawing done – have had plenty of imagining time while Hetty is on the boob!
    Have written you lots of messages in my head after reading your blog – keeps me sane


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    Hi :)Sorry to hear about the painful nursing!
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a while now…I’m a new mom and am also living for evening TV (well, admittedly all day TV some days), it really seems to help when I’m sitting nursing my little one…I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you must sound exciting to others (but just so you know, your writing is always very inspiring to me).

  33. Hang in there. If this is unwanted advice then ignore it. Advice: Get as much support for breastfeeding as you need. Nursing Mothers are gret, lactation consultants are great, a GP who specialises in lactation, friends who have breastfed five children come in handy. Mastitis sucks. Take care of you.Mia

  34. Hope you are all feeling much better and getting more sleep very soon!
    And seeing at how it is over 100 degrees Farenheit here in Texas every single day for the last…I can’t even remember how long…sitting outside in thick coats drinking coffee or hot chocolate looks devine!

  35. YESYES! check out the Australian Breastfeeding Association, you can go to 2 meetings before joining, and kids are welcome (as are bottle feeders). They have very strict ethics and policies on being accepting and supportive of ALL mums (and dads, and kids!!!) and I found them to be the best source of knowledge, support and laughs.I found breastfeeding my first excrutiating for 8 weeks and then things just got so easy. Many say the turning point is 12-16 weeks (which seems like an age, but in reality, is not) My second is almost 2 (both still feed a little) and I now know how to spot a blocked milk duct (which is what causes mastitis if not cleared) and can feed it off without needing drugs or getting sick.

    You are so gloriously fabutastic for giving it so much effort!!

    much love and warm cosy snoozy breastfeeding endorphins.

  36. says:

    Claire, I hope you get well soon. How on earth did you get Lily to sleep through the night so quickly?

  37. What a cozy picture. I hope you’re feeling better. Longtime reader, second-time commenter. Love your blog and artwork!