Blogging Baby readers may think I am INSANE

It occurred to me a few months ago that our baby’s due date is the 8th June 2006. A very nice date but one which is terribly close to the 6th of June 2006 — which is 6 of the 6 of the 6…. Ha ha! We laughed at the time. How funny to give birth on the day of the number of the devil… haha…. ha.
When I finished laughing and starting saying things like “hmm, I don’t know how good I feel about that actually”, Big-P pointed out that the date will actually be 6.6.2006 which is not the same as the year 6. No, it’s 2000 years off in fact.

Last night an ad popped up on my computer telling me that the remake of the Omen is being released on 6.6.6. Hey – Don’t they know they are 2000 years off? However, it didn’t make me feel too good.

So this morning I see over on Blogging Baby that there is a woman in the UK who is actually due on the 6th and she’s freaking out. Poor lass! She needs a nice sensible husband to tell her that the anti-christ would be 2000 years late for his delivery appointment so stop worrying and go back to sleep.

That being said, BB’s chosen image made me feel a little odd to say the least. Secondly, whilst I wouldn’t be into inducing my baby or organising a caesarian to avoid the date, and I haven’t been seriously worried about giving birth to the anti-christ… I do understand the woman’s concern. And wow! Do the Blogging Baby readers rip into her!

I know one book I won’t be dipping into this coming week – Doris Lessing’s The Fifth Child (crikey! The new cover design on that book is quite alarming! Who came up with that concept??!). Have you read it? Quite creepy.

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40 Responses

  1. I’m also due June 8 and I already pointed out the 06.06.06 thing to well everybody I know. Freaking creepy but as I’m 90% sure I’ll be late with this baby, I’m not worried anymore.Oh even crazier? One of the names I loved for a boy? Damien.

    Uh yeah.

  2. says:

    My birthday this year will be 06/06/06, celebrations will start at 6:06 PM. None of my friends will forget the date nor the party! Look forward to another sixty years in 6/6/66!!!

  3. yep, hugely creepy. I took it with me on a beach holiday a few years ago, one in a big pile of books, and it wasn’t exactly vacation reading. At least it was quick!

  4. wow you are due any day now!! I had never thought of that (the 666 thing) Darin was born on June 5, so he just got saved – Ha! You and your new baby will be in my thoughts – take care and I can’t wait to see a cute baby photo!!!

  5. I don’t think you have to worry. If you are having a natural birth chances are the babe will not be born on the due date. I read a baby book which said that only 4% of babies are born on their due date. Which is a little strange. And even if the baby is born on that day, you’re right 2000 years out. Six in some countries is also the luckiest number so, yeah tell yourself all good things about this day!Good Luck

  6. I don’t even give a dem on the date. Very well they said millenium is dooms day. But all we had was the coming of Mr Tsunami, Ms Katrina and Ms Rita.

  7. says:

    WEll.. at least you wont have any trouble remembering babies birthday when you get older !Ive picked up some hilarious parenting books from the 60’s that will be up on my new blog Thrift Barter Buy~ this Saturday! Id love to send you one, so please e-mail your snail mail and i will put it in the post to you. Lord knows we need some perspective humor with all of the doomesday books out there these days.
    MB in JT
    (middle Child =)

  8. says:

    Don’t worry. In Chinese numerology 6 is indeed a very lucky number.
    “Six is also very auspicious, not only because it has the same sound as ‚Äúprofitable‚Äù or ‚Äúluk‚Äù in Cantonese but also because 6 is twice 3 and 3 is a lucky primary number since it takes a minimum of 3 points to create a geometrical shape. Three is the beginning of all things and twice 3, that is 6, means progress and doubling of everything that you started with. For the same reason the three digit numbers 326 and 666 are also popular with the Chinese.”


  9. says:

    That poor woman, people are so cruel. Although I do think it is rather silly to be worried about such a thing, especially because of a silly money-making ploy. I hope she doesn’t have the baby on the date she doesn’t want, but almost as much I hope she does and everything goes fine and she realizes how silly it was to worry.

  10. says:

    I got married on Halloween, I love all of that spooky stuff. If my ‘hypothetical’ child was born on the 6.6.6 (regardless of 2000ness) I’d be quite chappy. Its nice for people to be different and to have a story to tell.

  11. So I take it you haven’t actually had the baby yet!! Every day I check and think has Claire had the baby yet? Apparently not! Don’t worry about the date at all. As long as the labour and birth are all safe and there are 10 fingers and 10 toes you won’t care a jot if it is the 6th of June.
    From one Gemini to another 🙂

  12. says:

    I’m born on the 8th of June… perks include public holidays thanks to the queen’s birthday usually coinciding with mine, and not being a devil child. 🙂

  13. note to self: say “crikey” more often!

  14. Claire my first son was due on the 8th of June but we had him on the 10th so maybe you will have a lovely Saturday morning baby on the long weekend.

  15. This totally reminds me of an episode of my all time favorite TV show, “Northern Exposure”. The character, Shelly, is very pregnant and starts having dreams about her baby being born a fish.I always thought that was so right on the spot…when I was pregnant, I had the strangest dreams…that my baby would be able to talk and walk right after being born!

    In other words, all moms have fears of the new baby…being born a fish or a devil (when you think about it, we all were a bit devilish as babies). So, it’s very normal to have these thoughts/fears.

    All will go well…I hope the best for you and your new arrival! : )

  16. Sometimes being an atheist is a practical thing :)Only a week to go then! How exciting!

  17. Wow! I didn’t know you were due so soon! Hopefully, the baby will wait until after the 6th, but I think most of those things are what you make of them.

  18. says:

    according to this article, you may have nothing to fret over:

    but regardeless of the numbers game, i don’t think you have anything to worry about. i hope only the best for you and your soon-to-be-new arrival 🙂

  19. I’m sure your baby will be adorable regardless of when she decides to be born.
    All the best for the upcoming weeks!

  20. Oooh, the 8th! So close! And Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran’s birthday (truly sad that I have committed this to memory).
    I don’t think I’d get too hung up on the number-of-the-beast thing … if nothing else, it will add kudos for when your baby is a goth-dabbling teenager someday (all kids eventually are, aren’t they?) If the 6th is your day, I’d just avoid going the Liz Hurley route and naming your little one the very 70s-esque “Damien”. Particularly if she IS a girl.

  21. Surely the benefits of being born a Gemini (like me!)will outweigh any nonexistent 6/6/06 worries.
    I just followed your link to the Doris Lessing novel. I bet it’s fascinating reading, but I don’t quite know if my still-muddly mom hormones could handle it right now and my boychild is over a year old!

    I hope all goes well in the next week and that your precious wee babe has a simple and safe entry into the world and your family.

  22. My husband was born on June 13- which in that year was a friday. Friday the thirteeenth. By all rights he should be cursed, but not so. He’s been quite blessed his whole life and I’m sure your little bean will be the same!

  23. Calendars are a very subjective method of measuring time. There are different calendars according to different cultures, and (believe it or not!) calendars can even go out of fashion! There are a multitude of calendars that have simply gone extinct: everyone who has visited Mexico tends to bring back the beautiful circular Mayan calendar as a lovely and appropriate souvenier. Stonehenge is an enormous calendar, using many astronomical aspects. And that’s another thing: some calendars rely on the sun, some are solely lunar, another cultural aspect to measuring time. The Western calendar (solar-based) used now is the Gregorian calendar, instituted sometime in the early Middle Ages by a Pope Gregory based on the Julian calendar, created by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, based on an earlier one created by the Greeks. If we were still following the Julian calendar, 06.06.06 would have been a few days ago. According to the Jewish, Muslim, and Chinese calendars, this isn’t even the year 2006. And for the Christians out there, worried about the coming destruction, the Bible clearly clearly says that NO ONE will know the hour of The Return; so I choose to draw the conclusion that the dread opposition will be similarly… ahem… cloak-and-dagger-ish. Know what this means? Plenty of time to make art and smell flowers and hug your family! 🙂 Time IS, after all, relative…

  24. says:

    June 6th is a Swedish National Holiday. Everyone gets the day off, flag day or somesuch…I prefer to think of it that way. Devil, schmevil.

  25. says:

    I was born on the 6th of June 1966 (yes, pushing forty…) Guess that makes one six too many 😉 And no worries, I’ve happy since childhood. The 6th of June is an excellent day to be born!!

  26. …not insane – just very pregnant…

  27. What Rebecca just said.
    The Christian calendar is a subjective measurement of time….even for Christian identified events. There’s that ambiguous 33 year gap between BC and AD and then there’s that whole, blending it into the Roman calendar and fudging with dates to make it work….in my mind the real 666 date was on June 22, 1955…wait a minute…that’s my birthday…I’m the anti-Christ. Crap.

  28. Ooh, if it’s a girl you could call it Lucy (short for Lucifer). Maybe Beelzebub for a boy?
    I think you’ll be fine (unless you have any vague recollections of interwhatsit with a horned beast about 9 months ago)!

    PS – Don’t watch ‘Rosemary’s Baby’! At least not until all offspring are at least 21 years old.

  29. Honest — I know someone who is due on the 6th and is being induced today (Saturday the 3rd) because her husband freaked out about the 6-6-6 thing. Really pretty normal people!

  30. I am due on June 7th and have definitely thought about the whole 6-6-06 thing. Who would want a birthday like that? Personally, I’ll be crossing my legs TIGHTLY on that day. 🙂

  31. I got a kick out of your blog today(which I frequent quite often). Just wanted to wish you the best with the delivery. And no worries with the 6 x 3 thing. Don’t taint your baby with that thought! You certainly don’t want him/her to live up to that!

  32. Actually, I took a course on the Book of Revelation, and 666 is referring to Emperor Nero as “the beast” because he was a horrible persecutor of Christians at the time. So no worries! Whatever babies are born on that day won’t be the antichrist.. they’ll just be a cruel emperor who will kill lots of people.
    Okay sorry.. but all babies are adorable and wonderful no matter what day they are born 🙂

  33. says:

    I remember one mother who was pacing the floor of the maternity ward, determined not to deliver on Feb 29, a Leap Year day ( our second daughter arrived and we always celebrated on the last day of February). Our fourth daughter was born on 9-9-1999. I thought Nina would be a great name for her ( husband didnt agree ).Have a joyfilled delivery Clare!

  34. I have a friend whose daughter will turn 6 on 6/6/06. We just say it’s the Mark of the Diva.

  35. If it’s any consolation, one group of theorists thinks that 666 is NOT the number of the Devil.
    As originally reported at and now available here:, check this out:
    “A newly discovered fragment of the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament indicates that, as far as the Antichrist goes, theologians, scholars, heavy metal groups, and television evangelists have got the wrong number. Instead of 666, it’s actually the far less ominous 616.”
    So I think you are okay!!!

    Best of luck.


  36. I heard something funny on the radio today. They were discussing the “Number of the Beast” thing and this fellow said “whatever happens, if you do give birth to the antichrist today, just remember it will be YOUR little antichrist”…. Well I thought it was funny anyway. Hope you’re feeling Ok in these last few days of pregnancy.

  37. It’t today! The 6.6.06…Any baby news?
    Good luck in these last few (semi quiet) moments!

  38. I’m married to the biggest lovin’ sweet teddy bear of a man (and I’ve known some mean ones), his birthday is today with the birthdate of 6/6/67 … and I feel blessed to have him in my life 🙂 Does a birthdate make you who you are?

  39. I was born on 06/06/1966 – so I have that “extra” 6 to make me “special” at least that is what I tell myself everyday. All year I have not been dreading the day so much as turning 40 on this day. I’m not really worried about turning 40- afterall its just a number – but the fact that it actually coincided with 06/06/2006. At any rate, birthdays are just such.

  40. Um, wow. That photo that BB chose is a bit over the top, no? Geesh. If IKEA nor that photo can set you into labor, I wonder what can. 😉