Red Right Hand

Oh what a week it’s been. Not only did we launch Kiddley and incidentally had a lot of late nights, but we all had some of the grumpiest few days I can remember, and then Amelia came down with croup again (perhaps that explains the grumpiness on her part) and now has a doozy of a cold. So life has been busy and as I approach week 38 I have been getting very, very slow. We walked around IKEA today and I could barely manage to get through the carpark at the end. I found some cute linen though so it was all worth it.
The baby’s room still isn’t finished. Dad and Big-P have been working on it over the weekend and keep being bamboozled by annoying little things like patching up spots with the remaining teaspoon of paint from the bottom of the tin, only to find that for some reason it’s much paler than the rest, so another tin needs to be bought from Fitzroy and then another coat painted to even it all out. And then dad attempted to remove the tape from the ceiling only to find that it removes the ceiling paint so that will need to be redone as well. Etc.

I have decided not to finish the quilt until after the baby is born as for the last two weeks I have (for some unknown reason) been completely convinced that we are actually having a boy. If that’s the case then I shall simply extend the quilt further and turn it into something for Amelia’s bed. I know a newborn is hardly going to care whether his quilt is covered in girly motifs or not, but I want this to be a keep sake too. It is my first quilt after all!

So due to sickness, slowness and grumpiness we haven’t been doing a lot of the crafty, fun, experimental activities that we can publish on Kiddley — instead we have been resorting to great finds from the web. We did have one afternoon where we attempted some finger print art but I think it’s important to remember to test the water-proof nature of the ink-pad before unleashing a three year old.

She stamped her fingers, palms, forearms, elbows and chin before we discovered the stuff just does not wash off. She was brightly tinged for days. She did have a lot of fun though, and came up with some lovely designs. That’s Captain Hook down in the left hand corner.

I did end up ordering the Ed Emberley finger print book from Amazon, so I will have to find some water soluble ink pads before we embark on stage two of the project.

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11 Responses

  1. it’s very apt to find this today! We just got home from playgroup where my son did his very first painting!He and I now have flouresent pink and purple all over us!Great work AJ!

  2. i used to do the fingerprint drawing when i was young… loved it! found at Borders they have Ed Emberley’s books [3 if i remember] in one book for 8 dollars. Great Bargin!

  3. Wonderful stories, Claire, Having an orange tinged daughter for a few days is such a whimsy!
    Sending you heaps of good wishes for the next how ever many weeks.

    May everything good take place for you.

  4. I love the fingerpainting – very cute!

  5. Nice cute linen. I sure missed them.

  6. Eek! Mario has done that with ink. It’s pretty funny when it doesn’t wash off.

  7. THis is sooo CUTE and precious!!

  8. This is something my daughter would get a real kick out of. Of course, I think we may stick with washable markers instead of real stamp pads…

  9. I’m getting baby boy vibes for you too.

  10. says:

    oooh my gosh. I’m a librarian at a montessori school, and just cataloged e.emberley’s book–and borrowed it for myself. 🙂

  11. I keep looking at the last picture here, and thinking how great it would look worked up into a shirt, or even on framed piece of fabric. If the red ink was permanent (yes… bad for the hands, but still fun), and the black was embroidered over with a simple running stitch or chain stitch. Cute!