Toy design fun

I have just found on Van’s site an amazing looking BFA in LA; Toy Design, at Otis College of Art and Design. The course requirements look amazing. You have to love a degree that sounds like you would end up using a soldering iron as much as a sewing machine, and hours spent in drawing classes and a class called “Conceptual Problem Solving & Brainstorming” or “Games and Game Theory” in which students end up producing an original game. A discovery of something like this make me want to clone myself so that I can be living more than one life at once. Oh, the things we could do!
Hopefully at some stage I will get to see Art School Confidential – which was apparently filmed at Otis – so I can do a little vicarious living.

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    i live in venice beach quite near otis – they have so many good classes, a bit pricy though – also, i did see art school confidential last week and there are a lot of funny moments, especially if you’ve been to art school. it gets a bit muddled but a very good cast of people. i agree about cloning oneself – there are so many fun things i read about to do in other parts of the globe!

  2. I talked to an admissions person from Otis this year when I was applying to art school. She was really nice, and I am going to consider it if I (or my boyfriend) ever move to California, but it is VERY hard to get into and VERY expensive.

  3. i love soldering irons.i love sewing machines.
    almost as much as i love toys.
    check out another brilliant school at:

  4. That sounds absolutely fantastic! I wish now I had pursued art in college and checked out places like that.

  5. That sounds absolutely fantastic! I wish now I had pursued art in college and checked out places like that.

  6. i can’t wait to see the look on my parents’ faces when i tell them what i want to take in college…

  7. I know what you mean, so much. Life is to short since everyday is to short for everything you want to do. I’m looking forward to see your new softie design soon! 🙂
    And you don’t need that school, your toys are so great – what more could you learn, hehe.

  8. That does look amazing. I want to do it…right after I finish my masters in Buffy. What fun.

  9. Sounds bloody unreal! I would love a degree in toymaking. And I love using a soldering iron.

  10. oh to be young again–then I could have persued this life.;-)
    I find myself imagining paths I might have taken if I could do it all over again lately.