Oh Logie

For the first time ever I watched the Logies in their entirety last night. I came close to banging my head on the coffee table several times. SO many old people going on and on about other old people. So many very dull starlets looking very ordinary and trampy while television presenters fawned over them asking them about their gowns and jewels. It was all too much! I was watching because an old family friend of ours was nominated in a category and luckily he won (woo!) so it was not all in vain. And Adam Hills was charming.
However, I do have a terrible confession to make – when Play School was inducted into the Hall of Fame I had (big) tears in my eyes, threatening dangerously to spill down my cheeks. Yes, perhaps I am all maternal and hormonal but it was terribly emotional! On stage there were some of the cast from when I used to watch it as a kid, and all the soft animals were paraded on proudly.

The most handsome Simon and the most perfect Justine (who is a HUGE goddess here in our household amongst children and fathers alike — but perhaps for very different reasons) gave good speeches and the audience sang along to the theme song. It was awful and sentimental but I felt a strange swelling of pride and love for the ABC and their children’s programming. I just couldn’t help it.

And while I am on the topic of sleep-deprived, emotionally laden, soppy late night television watching; have a look at this! What a great episode this will be.

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17 Responses

  1. the big question is….when will they start showing gg on aus tv again? (apart from foxtel that is)

  2. i felt exactly the same. i even missed a whole section of criminal intent to watch the play school bit. and me missing out on detective goran is a massive thing.i sang along, and clapped my cats paws together with glee as my heart swum with pride. it was beautiful

  3. I missed the Logies. What a shame (insert sarcasm here) But now that you’ve said about Playschool …. Was Jay there ??? And we love Justine so much too and her CD is wonderful. May I be so bold to point out that I recently blogged about Justine too?

    I don’t know a child (or adult) who is not mesmerised by Playschool and I actually thought of you the other day Claire when Alice started to sing “Warm kitty, soft kitty, little ball of fur…” I had some recollection that Amelia had something that she called warm kitty or soft kitty ??

  4. Yes! Amelia’s kitten doll is Warm Kitty. And we have Justine’s new CD on high rotation also. Really wonderful stuff.

  5. Can I just share something, to get it out of my head ?
    I love, you love

    There. Maybe now it might go.

  6. xenap72@hotmail.com says:

    I’m so relieved! I’m not even pregnant (although I share Mummy hormones) and tears WERE streaming down my cheeks, tears of joy though. I was so happy to see ‘Play School’ inducted in the HOF. Here’s to many more years of enjoyment and creativity for our children.

  7. We also watched the Logies, and found it so cringe-worthy. But the Playschool bit was so, so lovely. We also love Justine… and thanks to Jo’s comment, I’ve now got the watermelon song swimming around my head – again. 😉

  8. My hubby and I were in fits of laughter watching Georgie Parker patting Fiddle the cat as if he was a wee babe being comforted. Such a subconscious thing to do…like when I rock the pram back and forth even when my poppet is not actually in it…

  9. Oh Loobylu you are hilarious! I love this image of a pregnant woman over-laden with emotions about the ABC children’s programming. It reminds me of being pregnant in Japan and crying watching the news for the stupidity and beauty of humanity…

  10. Sappy, girl-y, cheesy at times…I love Gilmore Girls!

  11. I can’t tell you how much I love the illustrations you post here. There is a real wit to them that I enjoy immensely.

  12. kyliealysha@yahoo.com.au says:

    I didn’t even watched the logies, but saw some “highlights” on the news and saw the whole playschool team with all the soft toys and started crying hormonal pregnant tears LOL

  13. I admit to watching the Logies too and I found all the back patting and *oh who are you dressed by?* was far too sweet, and not very Aussie at all. I had to laugh the next morning when Burt turned up on the Today show bruised and battered after he fell down the stairs that night!!
    I will miss GG so much, with all boys in our house I live vicariously through Lorelai and Rory. With so many unanswered questions they must put to rest the Luke/Lorelai romance, what is to become of Paris, will Lane get her guy and what about their parents relationship? Bring on the next season.

  14. Gotta love gg. Apparently the writers have just left though. Disappointing news. This show made me feel cool to be a single mum!Mia

  15. the truth comes out! i don’t have bubs either but growing up with playschool has left a soft spot in my heart for them!

  16. Lol…Logies (or loogies actually)is a slang term in America for spitting.

  17. i took my son to a playschool concert in our town last week and the night before my husband and I were joking saying would’nt be funny if Benita was on stage – we used to watch her when we were pre-schoolers. Well she was!!! I was so excited and tears welled up in my eyes too seeing my son and all the kids dancing and singing with the woman that I grew up watching! Great Stuff!from shae at madame butterfly