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Well, all I have to say after all that after all that blah blah blah yesterday, last night Amelia was up at 1.30am and awake until three wriggling in bed next to me after a nightmare about one of the Little Robots putting her in its mouth. I tried to do the relaxation again this evening and she simply would not settle at all, until I left the room in a very unrelaxed, frustrated state after about 15 minutes.
Huh. Serves me right for being all smug.

But more excitingly, I just read on Kelly’s blog that the publishers of Make Magazine (of which Big-P is a subscriber, and a huge fan) is about to release a new magazine called CRAFT: Make Cool Stuff. And yes, they are some of Jess’ robots on the cover! Can’t wait.

Other cool robots that have come along recently (that don’t look like they will eat my daughter, but then again, who would have thought the Little Robots were that scary?) – Mimi’s beautiful robots #1 and #2, and some linked to on Drawn!: Tom Torrey’s Flickr photos, Anne P Smith’s robots, Lockwasher’s Flickr photos, and Nemo Gould’s work.

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  1. Love the name of the magazine. Very cute. I would never have thought of making knitted robots. But that’s why I come here!!

  2. Oh I want one of those, they look way too cute to give to my son’s. Very very cute.

  3. maybe is the changing of seasons? my three year old woke up today at half past four and didn’t fall sleep again until eight in the morning! grunt! 🙁

  4. How cool! I’ll have to check this magazine out. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Oh man. That has happened to the best of us. I remember bragging once to a friend that I never suffer from insomnia. That night I couldn’t fall asleep, wondering why I didn’t suffer from insomnia? Oy.And yippee for that mag! Looks like quite a find.

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    How fab, Claire!!! You’ve got me wanting to make a robot now, perhaps an origami one until I can do something more substantial. BTW, I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a while, so reading thru all your archives. Your to-be baby quilt and room is gorgeous! xo

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    My 3 yr old son is also up and down for a long time after official bedtime at the moment (MUST be the time of year…). My latest technique is to lay down the rules – ‘When we say goodnight, you are not to get up or leave your room’ & he is allowed to have books and toys in bed & play/read quietly. We leave the light on low.
    And if he gets up after this, we do the supernanny thing & put him straight back into bed without speaking to him & go straight out. (The idea being that he wants our attention, so if he does not get it, he’ll eventually give up/stay in his room and eventually fall asleep). Its working pretty well, but not 100% of the time, mainly because we are not always consistent…

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    My almost-four year old has hardly slept through the night at all since she was born. But lately we’ve been giving her some herbal tea that is supposed to be sleep-inducing (in a sippy mixed with a tiny bit of juice–she wouldn’t take milk or honey). It really seems to be working. Or this is a phase.

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    I’m sorry you had a bad night but am feeling a bit better after reading this post. Yesterday I thought it is the perfect thing to try with my six year old son who is currently having trouble settling in the evenings. He kept saying: “But you said it will be fun!” He was not impressed and did the whole range of things that keep him from being calm and ready for sleep. My younger son wanted to know who won because I made the mistake of calling it a game. The whole sad atempt ended with me saying: “Now go to sleep or there will be trouble!” As I left the room in a huff my husband wisely said that he may need some time to learn how it works so tonight I will try again. And after reading this I think I must use these techniques on myself first!

  10. congratulations for winning the best australian weblog award @ 🙂

  11. Thats the coolest thing.I really liked them a lot.