Finally, an illustration

This is me today. Big (32 weeks!), quite cheerful after dinner at a friend’s place last night followed by a good night’s sleep, loving the Autumn with the amazing colours and evocative smells – rain, earth and woodsmoke. Around my neck is my favourite bright red-orange necklace which I have just got back from the jewelers, having had it restrung to its full length after Amelia managed to break it into several smaller lengths recently. I am sure this is moments after I’ve eaten several pieces of Haigh’s Turkish Delight and the sugar rush which follows means ideas for a new project I am planning are spinning around in my brain. Have you tried to come up with a domain name recently? I haven’t had to come up with a good web site name which also happens to be available for years, and these days it’s almost impossible!

But back to this picture. I am probably standing on the front deck having just put a bunch of stuff in the recycle bin and inside Amelia is either happily occupied crudely copying pictures out of an Ed Emberley book, or she’s doing her new incredibly loud moaning, whining thing that seems to have taken hold these last few weeks. I’m smiling so it’s probably the former. Big-P has pizza in the oven (wonderful) and on the coffee table I have a new copy of Living Etc (which I have only just discovered and I love it) for flicking through later in the evening, before tearing apart to stick in my inspiration scrapbook, and on my bed side table there is a good, easy read to put me to sleep tonight.

I have been finding lots of good things to point you to lately:
Flick through Kaz Cooke’s Kid Wrangling, download Brendan Welch’s Burn, download Chris Ware’s 29-page comic series Building Stories for the New York Times Magazine’s Funny Pages kindly offered by for a short time, read Preparing Your Home for Eating Healthfully by Dr Joel Fuhrman and listen to his podcast Getting Children to Eat Well.

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  1. Just discovered your blog recently, and really enjoy reading it. I live in Scotland and have 2 young sons. You have infact inspired me to start my own blog, although my crafting is sporadic at the moment( etc is fab, – have you checked out this blog ? this site is incredible. Good luck with the pregnancy
    Elaine x

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    Hi, speaking of things to read, have you seen “Dumbo Feather, Pass it on”? It’s a gorgeous magazine, that’s released every quarter, and they only focus on 5 inspirational, creative people for each issue. It’s such a great read – I read each one from cover to cover!Soo inspirational – a bit like your blog 🙂

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    I enjoy your blog so much. I live on the Eastern coast of the United States and I’m just about seventy years old but I remember so well being pregnant and having children…the finest thing I’ve ever done, actually….that I get a real kick out of reading about your experiences and your moods. You seem so basically calm which is wonderful. Thanks for your blog. It’s like meeting a new friend.I’m a dressmaker, costumemaker and knitter.

  4. What a wonderful entry and illustration. I am obviously on the net far too much as I seem to be first to comment again.Ed Emberley is sooo popular in Japan. Has he become popular in Melbourne since I have been away?

  5. What a lovely illustration. I remember the feeling of 32 weeks. I felt like I could hardly walk at that stage.Love Kaz Cooke. God, that woman is funny.

  6. that delicous image of your pizza is again running through my mind! i haven’t ever tried making a pizza due to laziness but now i must try.
    i love ‘living etc’ as well and have acquired quite a collection over the past few years. they’re too good to throw out! there’re so many cool (but mostly un-affordable!) things.. it’s unfortunate that most aren’t available here.

  7. you are so adorable!! what a happy post! congrats on the baby, and ed emberley is a fav around our house too! 😉

  8. Regarding your quest for domain name: this page ( has lots of toys for generating names (could be for a domain or anything). See the sidebar under ‘Name Generators’. Usually triggers some good new idea for me. The domain name generator is totally random so perhaps not as helpful. Lots of other fun tools there too.Cheers for 32 weeks. :0)

  9. Well worth the wait! You look lovely, Loobylu! 🙂

  10. What happened to Big-P’s carb-less new diet?

  11. I think you are doing pretty well with the pregnancy! It must be really tiring.

  12. hehe, that’s a very cute drawing 🙂 I wish I could do illustrations to represent myself :s
    Have you considered getting a account and selling merchandise there? XD

  13. what a gorgeous drawing, i just love it! mmmm, turkish delight and mmmm living etc. I have evry issue they have put out. i was living in london when they started that was in 98 (or maybe 99) so I have quite a collection (which my husband is forever trying to shift out of the house and into the bin lol) I hang onto them so when the day comes that i FINALLY own a house (not in this lifetime in Sydney thats for sure) I am armed and ready!

  14. Nice to see a new illustration of you! And also, great to hear that Big-P hasn’t given up on the pizza. Carbs are the best! Have you sent him this cartoon?

  15. That is so beautiful!! Only 8 weeks to go! How exciting. The fourth time around I find it easy to forget I am having another one!

  16. My girls treat when we go into the city is a Haigh’s teddy bear or frog. I would have to say that their chocolate is my favourite. When I went over to Adelaide with my work many many moons ago, I always managed to have to go to Greenhill Rd – I can’t believe I can still remember the street name – just so as I could call into the Haighs factory. Hmmm…chocolate ..Your illustration is positively rosy (as opposed to glowing, which I am sure you have heard bandied about a little too often)

  17. I loved Ed Emberley books as a kid, especially his fingerprint books those where lots of fun.
    I love the drawing of yourself, so full of life (sorry no pun intended there). You are just a happy little preggos mama and that is always great to see.

  18. I just listened to Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s podcast. Some really great points he made and great tips too! Thanks for sharing this!!

  19. says:

    Woo hoo! An illustration! I’d forgotten how much I love seeing them.

  20. what a delightful illustration! looking great!

  21. you just look so adorable and happy in that illustration. love it!

  22. You look beautiful!!on the home stretch now – all the very best!!

  23. This is my first time to your blog (love it!). You threw me for a loop when you mentioned autum… I thought “what? It’s Spring!” then after more reading I realized you are an auzzie. I aboslutely LOVE your illustrations and plan to try my hand at it soon. Perhaps I can pick your brain for some pointers?
    Absolutely wonderful blog, full of blissful eye-candy.