Slower Sunday

As predicted yesterday, it’s 8pm and I have done close to nothing all day. Amelia and I did get up early and go down to the Flea Market for a very slow paced browse before meeting Kylie (and her amazing cake! Thank you Kylie!) for morning coffee at 9am. But apart from that I have slept, eaten m & ms, let Amelia watch as much television and play on the disney playhouse website as much as she likes while I loll about reading books. The kitchen is still in a festering mess of yesterdays dishes and the smell of pesto which seems to have permeated everything is making me feel a bit ill. It would be good to find some balance!
The Cockburn book continues to be inspiring but it’s becoming somewhat alarming. More and more facts about modern living are giving me the extreme panics. It’s hard not to feel violent, reactionary urges when you read about how incredibly well we are destroying our planet and in the meantime ourselves. Anyway, I have plans for our house – long and short term. It should be exciting. Yet another project!

First thing is to investigate natural paints for the baby’s room. Actually, what am I talking about? First thing is to clean out the baby’s room.

Tonight Big-P and I are going to start watching the Ewan McGregor series “Long Way Round” which will mean tomorrow I will probably be back updating this blog with plans for a motorbike trip around the world. Yeeha!

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  1. Enjoy watching “The Long Way Round” Claire! I loved it so much I had to buy the DVD to catch up on the episodes I missed.

  2. Good for you… It is so nice to just “be” isn’t it? After all we are supposed to be human beings not human doings….Heidi

  3. The markets, coffee and cake by 9am? Well done! You did more than I did all day *blush*!I know exactly what you mean about your ‘modern living’ panics. They seemed to become more intense when I was pregnant. ‘Living the Good Life’ looks fab. They sure make Tassie sound enticing (doubly so given the heat here today erghhh)!

    LOVE your blog. I have been a bit of a lurker sorry but I am very slowly tip toeing out of my corner!

  4. Love the quilt colours, it will be fabulous even if 15% is favourible! Thanks for the link re the Cockburn’s very interesting. No wonder you had a quiet day with all you did the day before, you really are quite mad! In a good proactive way of course. All the best, hope the quilt remains inspired.

  5. Claire, “Long Way Round” is one of my husband’s all-time-favorite stories, there’s also a book.
    Your day today sounds like many days I had with Emma while waiting for Ian. I had a lot of lower back pain and we did a lot of sitting around during the last weeks of my pregnancy. (I recommend “The Tigger Movie”- I will forever associate that with being pregnant!)

  6. oh, i LOVED long way round. (my unabashed love for ewan mcgregor certainly doesn’t help.) great show. i am already planning my motorbike trip.just need to get over my fear of them first

  7. Hey – Sundays are supposed to be slow. It’s called the day of rest for a reason. That’s why they have kids TV programmes, so we can rest. It’s the modern day equivalent of a long boring church sermon – you can’t tell me that half of the congregation weren’t nodding off at the back! Besides, you still got out of the house. That’s definitely a bonus when you’re pregnant and toting a toddler. Sundays are definitely for going with the flow. A slow, easy-paced, meandering flow. Enjoy.

  8. says:

    I know this has nothing to really do with the current post but… I haven’t looked at this site since amelia was first born and for some reason tonight i decided to type in the site, i can’t believe she’s so big and that you’re having another girl ammmmazing!!! Congratulations and I’m sure i’ll be checking in more regularly now, you’re soooo talented!–Danielle

  9. There’s some fun earth friendly wall-covering links over at treehugger:
    I especially like the solar powered paper, but then I’m still a little afraid of the dark.

  10. I am going to the library today to find that book! (I hope I can!!) I know of some great paint that is environmentally friendly. You can find it at DEVINECOLORdotCOM. They have a great color palette and have a store locator on their website.
    I love lay around days. They are good for you and your belly!

  11. Oh, I literally just finished watching Long Way Round last night. I’d seen a few episodes last year but finally made time to finish the series. I loved it!

  12. hi claire- yes, definitely go with the safe/zero-VOC paints for the house! thought I’d pass alonga great website for staying healthy/toxin-free/green/eco as a family– this is their healthy nursery checklist: “heathehouse/ virtual house/ nursery” (from the Children’s Health and Environmental Coalition)

    and I highly recommend the Green Guide (US) and/or if you guys have something equivalent

  13. hee, hee! we’re in the midst of watching the long way round too… about to reach alaska. it’s wonderful & so escapist… cheers, g

  14. im excited for u! 🙂 vroom vroom!

  15. says:

    Hiya, just ran into an article at this link all about non-toxic paints and paint strippers, and sources. I’m in the middle of getting ready to paint a few walls in my home too, so thought this article might be helpful to both of us.