Multiple Buns in the Oven

This year I am determined to serve up homemade hot cross buns for Easter. I decided to give Delia’s recipe a whirl today in preparation as I had a little free time before picking up Amelia from Pre-school. And what a great success! They are quite delicious. I still go into a slight state of shock when something I bake turns out as well as I hoped. It’s all about the sticky sugar glaze, a slightly chewy, yet slightly crunchy crust and soft, moist insides… just perfect. Perhaps I will get around to molding little crosses out of flour and water to press on to the next batch. But then again, maybe not.

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26 Responses

  1. All I have to say is… Yummy!

  2. You just gave me a heart attack! From the title I thought you were having twins!The buns look deslish btw

  3. Noice work. Stuff the crosses 🙂

  4. They look great! You’ve inspired me to try to make some too. I love HCBs and can’t buy them in Japan, so homemade might be the way to go…

  5. says:

    I saw the heading and thought of twins too… very sneaky!
    They look yummy.I haven’t made these for years but when I did I think I just piped on the crosses and they turned out well. It was quick and easy.

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    Very impressive. I can taste them now. I am inspired. I have memories of making hot cross buns and it being very tedious. Any chance of Delia’s recipe or where I can find it ? Am also going to try and make it to Balaclava in the next month too.

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    Scratch that. Found the recipe link. Duh!

  8. I am currently living in Japan and I just MISS food like this. They look delicious. I can almost smell them.

  9. Very nice! The crosses are just a flour and water paste. If you bung it in the corner of a plastic bag and snip a tiny bit off the corner, you can pipe it on really easily, especially if the buns are in rows. Then you can just continue the piping from one bun to the next in a long line.

  10. Yhanks for the recipe – I can’t even BUY hor cross buns here in France so I will be so glad to put this one to uset

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    Those look so good.Yeah just pipe on some sort of a white/sugary/glaze frosting for crosses.

  12. They look delicious! And thanks for the link to the recipe too.

  13. Ha, I thought of twins too but now I’ve seen those buns in the oven (ha ha) I wanna come over your house – I LOVE hot cross buns with sultanas!!!

  14. Mmmm…they look delicious!

  15. says:

    This is my first time posting. I got such a kick out of the title! I actually gasped out loud! Whew…. wiping sweat from brow….

  16. They look delicious! If you do decide to put crosses on, I can tell you that it’s easy-peasy if you use a big, plastic syringe. A friend who used to be a nurse gave me one and it’s made hot cross bun baking great fun!

  17. mmm…they look delicious! who cares about the crosses!

  18. I’ve never had hot cross buns. What do they taste like? They look like a cross between a dinner roll and a scone?

  19. The first song I ever learned in band (flute) was a tune called ‘Hot Cross Buns’ with the lyrics:Hot cross buns
    Hot cross buns
    One a penny, two a penny
    Hot cross buns
    I never knew what the hell hot cross buns were — now I know! They look delicious 🙂

  20. Yum. I can almost taste them but that’s perhaps because It’s been hours since breakfast. You’ve inspired me to make my own HCB this Easter

  21. Oooh, hot cross buns just aren’t hot cross buns without the crosses (they’re probably just hot buns or something like that). But thank you for the inspiration, I’m sure a home made version would be much better than the insipid store-bought types.

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    Oh, they look great. I really want one of those with my morning coffee!

  23. says:

    Here the crosses are made of icing.

  24. says:

    Been reading you for quite awhile. You have a very nice life. I copied the recipe. what is caster sugar and what is mixed spices and mixed peel. I know you are busy but Americans need help with English.

  25. I’ve said it before. These kind of posts do not bode well for my muffin-top.