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  1. says:

    Are you kidding me?! I just discovered you last week and I think your softies are the cutest things I have just about ever seen!! I spent almost an hour and your bunny came up twice only! I tried to give you a little hope, as I think you deserve it for such incredible work!

  2. Don’t worry… even just being ON THERE means you are cute!

  3. says:

    You were up against a kitten, no one can beat kittens.

  4. I took your advice and spent WAY too much time playing “what’s cuter”. I saw the little LoobyLu and picked it (against the Yorkie) and didn’t even realize it was yours until I was sitting there patiently waiting for the next “battle”. So, add at least 1 more to your little dude’s wins!

  5. No! It cannot be! What’s wrong with people?

  6. Poor rabbit! He would definitely do better on … much less competition there!

  7. It is hard to compete with pandas…but i think you could take out the little one

  8. says:

    How in the world are you supposed to compete with real live babies, bunnies and puppies?!!?! If it was versus other softies, you would totally win.

  9. I voted for your bunny!

  10. I spend 20min playing, but your sweetie did not come… sorry I would have voted you 🙂

  11. says:

    i would like to know if it is possible to buy one of your dolls.
    thak you

  12. Aw – cruel irony that BigP’s co. had a hand in your fate!
    remember, it’s an honor just to be nominated! And it can be difficult to compete with a tiny hamster eating a gargantuan corn kernel…

    know that we love you and marshmallow rabbit….

  13. says:

    YOurs came up on the second hit for me and yours was Loobylu vs a n ugly parrot eating cheese! I voted for yours!

  14. I dont’ think I’ll start doing softies by month, but I do find your site very inspiring. I’m a metalsmith who does needlework when stuck in house with kids or stuck at school waiting to teach.

  15. That’s pretty zeitgeisty – reminds me of my husband’s site,

  16. It is hard to compete against the tiny kitten!

  17. But those sleepy Boston terrier puppies were sooooo adorable!

  18. Hmmm. I wasn’t able to get to the site. No matter. Your stuffies are cuter than kittens IMHO! 🙂

  19. I think it is the cutest on there and I live in th land of cuteness – Japan.I also want to know if you can buy your softies? I am from Melbourne so don’t worry about the distance thing!

  20. Thats shocking, considering some of those babies have faces only their mothers would love… 😉
    Never fear, I love the marshmallow bunnies, and squillions of other do too ^_^

  21. my god!!! you are a winner! i love your art…

  22. says:

    Don’t worry Claire, yours is much cuter then any other and I think you make very very cute things. I only wish I were able to do half af what you do.

  23. It’s up against kittens in teacups… no fair. I love your art…please keep them coming =)

  24. People just don’t know what they are talking about. Your softies are unquestionably adorable. INcredible talent and patience goes into those things I think.

  25. Bah Humbug!!! Some people just wouldn’t know cute if it bit them on the bottom!

  26. Oh whoa totally and completely addictive.
    BTW, it seems your softie is moving up the ranks 🙂

  27. says:

    I voted for you! How addicting. Sweet Baby Addie’s my niece on there, if you see her give her a vote!

  28. It’s a great app! What a good time waster! 🙂
    You have been tagged in the 4 things meme:

  29. I LOVE your little dolls, especially the kitten and rabbit dolls! All of your work inspires me ;o)
    I put pictures of two kittens I think are adorable up on kittenwar — and they lose a lot :o(

  30. you’re great! you’re creative! you are an artist!!! don’t let anyone or anything make you think otherwise!!

  31. The others weren’t art