Finally, after about 15 years of meaning to, we have finally bought a copy of The Go-Betweens 16 Lovers Lane. Such a good album.

The heat is making my paints dry even quicker than usual. This can be useful or incredibly frustrating depending on what I am trying to do – mostly it’s just frustrating, perhaps I need to get back into oils. This painting (in progress) will eventually go to Nicole who had a birthday last week (see Big-P’s account of her birthday party shenanigans here). She likes pigs so I thought it was perfect.

And finally a slightly cooler day today, although it’s still incredibly humid… all the spiders and the ants are coming out of the woodwork which is just delightful. But at least it’s cooler, so thought I might do some baking. I decided to try out Mum’s old bread tins (rescued from the recycle bin) and I made bread for lunch – it was quite delicious and not as difficult to do as I previously imagined. I took the recipe off the back of the bread flour as a kind of basic primer (500g bread flour, 7g yeast, 375g lukewarm water… pretty basic) but next time I will try something out of Nigella to continue with my steps towards becoming a Domestic Goddess. All my kneading experience from years of ceramics classes came back to me and helped me through the 10 minutes kneading time.

Amanda’s Thursday “Corners of My Home” is such an inspiring project. I have seen a few pictures around the web in the last few weeks but it wasn’t until this morning that I took the time to look through the photo set. Such beautiful corners!

I am yet to enter because at this very moment I don’t think there is one single corner of our home that is not covered with crumbs, magazines, old plates, stacks of paper work waiting to be filed, laundry (clean, thank goodness – hot weather is good for some things), empty tubes of paint, towering stacks of random fabric, and the aforementioned ants and spiders. It’s getting a little out of control here. What I would really like is a kitchen window like this, a sitting room wall this colour, a backyard view like this, a great chair like this, and anything submitted by Stephanie (do you think she would mind if I moved my family into her house? I’m sure she wouldn’t, we’d just live quietly under the floorboards like the Borrowers).

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5 Responses

  1. I absolutely love your painting style. It’s so cool!!

  2. We are big Go-Betweens fans in our household; I always think of 16 Lovers Lane as a great summer album (in that beer on the back porch as the sun goes down kind of way!) Really loving your paintings! 🙂

  3. Painting is really delightful!I’m with you on the bread front…just over my home-made pizza base craze. Lots of fun…perfected now for winter days.

  4. Perhaps you could use an “extender”. You add it to acrylic paint to give it a little more “play”. You can add alot or just a little. I buy mine at the craft store… Your pig is A-dorable.

  5. Wow! This painting is just beautiful. You are an amazing illustrator and painter. I just love looking at your work. All the best for the show.