Guest Photographer

These are two photos by Amelia. This is the first time she has played with our camera and watching her stumpy, sticky little fingers grapple with the easily-smashed-to-smithereens gadget nearly sent me berserk but she produced a few classics. I am not going to publish some of the delights she took of me and my expanding belly, but here are a couple of the more successful “thank you” photos. The first is a gift she received from Melissa who sent her a cow girl ornament to go with her cow girl from Christina. I bought one of Melissa’s delicate princess ornaments so both are now happily bobbing around amongst our other treasures. The other is a shot of her foot in the foreground and one of Lyn’s beautiful sleepy rabbits in the background. She arrived in the mail today and is instantly loved by the whole household. Amelia is totally convinced she is a cat and so her name is Janey the Cat. Thank you my dear blogging friends!

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16 Responses

  1. i’m new to this crafty blogging world, but i think it’s great that there are blogging friends who send wonderful handmade gifts!

  2. The sleepy rabbit is so cute.. makes a perfect gift for Xmas! 🙂

  3. I gave my D70 to my boyfriend’s young nephews to play with and they took some great photos! It’s weird seeing the world from their point of view.

  4. i love that you can see her foot in the second pic.

  5. Amelia’s got a knack for close-ups. You have no idea how many snaps I took of Christmas ornaments to get a clear shot!

  6. Fun photos! These are great, Claire! Tell Ameila that she’s got the goods! I LOVE to see pics by kids. It is a great thing to witness as they handle something so alien to them. Very cool.

  7. says:

    Wow. Thinking about you being pregnant again is so bizarre – I remember being so excited when you were pregnant with Amelia! and now she’s capable of taking pictures while you’re expecting again. Holy smokes.
    Life is crazy.

    I love the first picture.

  8. says:

    Those shots are better than I can take! Thank goodness for digital – I was allowed to play with the camera when I was little (and not so little) because my dad didn’t want to waste film.
    I love the one with her foot in view. Beautiful!

  9. You have quite the little photographer there! Great pics, Amelia!

  10. i am so impressed with her handiwork! a budding photographer?

  11. says:

    Congrats! I remember reading back into your archives about when you first announced you were pregnant with Amelia, and when she was born.
    I’m excited for you (and Big P and of course Amelia), regardless of the fact we’ve never spoken!

  12. Love the photos! You’ve got to start them early you know!

  13. I love Lyn’s sleepy bunnies. I’m surprised that little gal can sleep with a paparazzi cat slinking about.

  14. I am glad Amelia liked her! We let our sons play with our camera as it isn’t the greatest and they are good with it. They capture each other really well.

  15. Great photos!! we let the kids take lots of photos too…you will always get some good ones. At a family wedding that had disposable cameras on the table I let my 3 year old rattle off the whole film….apparently the bride and groom loved the photos taken.