Baby, it’s cold inside

The most exciting thing – we had evaporative air conditioning installed yesterday, and I am so ready for the next few days of heat! I don’t think I have ever been so excited by a 33°c forecast.
The timing of this installation is pretty good really, as for the last few days Amelia and I have had a cold – nothing really major, just the sniffles and so on, but the most annoying symptom of this particular cold is extreme grumpiness. And I mean extreme. It’s the teeth grinding, eye rolling, loud shouting kind of grumpiness which doesn’t bode well for family harmony. The advent activities have almost completely fallen away, mostly because by the time 5pm rocks around we are all ready to hurl something through a window and the idea of “everyone make a christmas ornament for the tree!” is possibly the most unappealing idea EVER suggested. At least the heat won’t make it even worse tomorrow.

So poor old Big-P has been putting up with 3 year old and 33 year old temper tantrums as we continually blow our noses and cough noisily and then shout and slam doors. Very nice. Happy birthday Big-P. We really do love you, we’re just too grumpy to say it to your face right now. ok? OK?

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10 Responses

  1. I feel your pain, my and wee ‘un are sporting identical colds and grumpiness right now too. A mug of steaming cocoa with all the trimmings and some good heating sounds like a fine idea. Perhaps you should revisit that earlier advent activity.

  2. says:

    Aha – yay for evaporative cooling. My Darling husband put it in for us last Christmas. I was in the late stage of my 3rd pregnancy & I can honestly say the heat didn’t bother me once! Lucky you!

  3. says:

    I was so excited when our house came with evap. cooling already installed. 🙂
    Came with ducted heating too, but I don’t care so much about that. Heat makes me grumpy!!!

  4. Hope you’re both feeling better soon! But I must admit, I had to chuckle about all the grumpiness.Happy Birthday to Big-P!

  5. Congrats on the little announcement 🙂

  6. I cannot even imagine having hot weather at this time ( I am in Canada ) but I can relate to being sick during pregnancy ,many,many times ( I gave birth to my 3rd parially deaf from a double ear infection ).
    I hope you and Amelia are feeling better soon !!!!

  7. says:

    Oh, I’m sorry for the grumpy cold! I thought I was the only one who had those. They officially suck. I would say hugs to all but when I’m grumpy the LAST thing I want is anyone touching me! So good vibes and feel better soon!
    Yay on the ac too! I was in my 3rd trimester in the summer here and if we didn’t have ac I might have killed someone. 😉

  8. says:

    Our most popular choice for the advent calendar (which the children suggest everytime it looks too hard at 5pm) is the “have an ice cold bath with bubbles and make santa beards” from 3rd December. Feel better.

  9. Well it’s definatly cold in the UK but I can’t say I notice it much at the moment as I get so hot & sticky under the lights while animating, it might as well be mid August. Did you know Plastcine can sweat?

  10. sorry to hear about the cold. hope you are feeling better.i agree with you on the 33 degrees thing. its still 21 (maximum) in my part of australia.