Our life got pretty good this last week. Amongst other things, Big-P has a new job. He is now working full time for a super duper Silicon Valley company full of exciting ideas and creative thrills and the best bit (for me and Amelia anyway) is that he gets to work from home. So he moved his computer into my studio and now sits huddled in the corner surrounded by my piles of fabric and half finished IKEA furniture with headphones jammed down over his ears to block out the daily household hysteria. But it is so very nice to have him around for company, moral support and an extra hand in the evenings. I hope it lasts a long while.

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22 Responses

  1. That’s great news, congrats to all three of you.

  2. congratulations! glad to see you’re happy. 🙂

  3. Congratulations! I share a studio with my husband too. It’s not at home, but same sort of thing. We never have a problem, I really mean it! Hope it’s fantastic for you two.

  4. hi there! found your blog via google (i’m trying to find info how how to read japanese knitting magazines). your blog looks really pretty! love your layout.

  5. That sounds fabulous… the perfect domestic arrangement! 🙂

  6. hoo yeah, the husband at home! welcome to, what everyone has told me, retirement! it takes a tiny little itty bitty getting used to. congratulations!

  7. i have heard about ning – looks very cool. need to read up on it more to fully (grok – as the nerds would say) understand it. but maybe just using it would be good enough. so happy for you that he is at home – but can he get any work done?cheers

  8. That sounds like the perfect arrangement, I hope he enjoys working from home. I find I’m much more productive on the days that I’m not in the office…

  9. that sounds like good news, congratulations, and lucky Amelia!

  10. My husband works from home and I found it really difficult to adjust. But we just don’t have the space for it – no spare rooms so he works in our bedroom. I felt like he was intruding on my domain and I had to not clean up/vacuum if he was busy and always take the children out so as not to disturb him… I still dream of a bungalow for his office and my studio – separate from the house – but that will have to wait. It is good that he’s there so sometimes the children can be left when I have to pop up the street.

  11. Oh Claire, that’s excellent! Congratulations!

  12. lucky you! I am SO envious!

  13. Working from home is good! Yay!

  14. Here is one of the most cozyest, sweetest and beautiful places ever.I love everything here!
    Brazilian kisses!!!

  15. Hi, I love your blog! I have been reading it for a while now and I just LOVE your creativity! My hubby (who is also a computer guy) works from home as well. I LOVE the perks and just the adult company every once in a while!

  16. Congratulations Claire and enjoy it!

  17. says:

    hello claire. i also like to draw and make fun things (mostly for my niece, saffron). i really like your site very much. your illustrations and handmade goodies are super adorable and happy happy happy. best wishes from heidiland!

  18. Wonderful development, you will have such a close-knit family. Enjoy these days!

  19. So glad for you! My hubby works from home too (well 75% of the time) and I love it… I’m not at home, so I don’t get that part, but he does the laundry and can wait on repairmen and stuff. Excellent!!

  20. Soy works from home and it’s wonderful. In fact for the last couple of months he’s had a contract job that takes him ‘off site’ a couple of days a week and I hate it. The extra help and the company, plus the all important ‘time together’ which might just be a quick lunch while the kids snooze, is invaluable. I hope it lasts and lasts.