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19 Responses

  1. beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) mav

  2. says:

    You went in a baloon!!!??? Oh Ive always thought that would be wonderful.

  3. Killer brown eyes! Looks like a blast.

  4. How fantastic. That pic is so beyond wonderful.

  5. says:

    oh ma God, is she adorable!!

  6. I visit your blog almost daily, and adore reading, but amazingly I have yet to comment. Now seems like an excellent time, as that is such a gorgeous little photo of a gorgeous little girl.

  7. Did you go ballooning over the Yarra? I used to drive to work out there and watch all the balloons and wish I was in one. Sounds like a fun holiday activity?
    And what a cutie in the gorgeous beanie.

  8. says:

    Amelia is so adorable. Such beautiful eyes.

  9. Amelia is very beautiful! You are a lucky lady…but I know you knew that -heh.

  10. and she doesn’t seem so impressed…love her look…did you knit her pink hat ?

  11. says:

    What a DOLL! She is gorgeous! I love your blog, it inspires me.

  12. As my Mum would say- ‘Oh, she’s so sweet, you could eat her’

  13. She is enchanting!

  14. She is soo precious! Look at those cheeks and beautiful brown eyes! What a cutie.

  15. Ooh she is so gorgeous, even without aviator goggles

  16. If this is activity #1 I can’t help but wonder what other activities can possibly top this one.. ! 🙂

  17. Beautiful daughter. That cap is exaclty what I want to knitt for this winter! I just didn’t know until I saw Amelia!
    Did you know one that there is a magazine in sweden called amelia?