Midwinter Design

This is a new design to celebrate the fact that I am officially now a “Toymaker“… how cool!

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73 Responses

  1. That article rocks! How cool. How exciting! Horray! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the article and your new design. Both are wonderful.

  3. asta_pup@yahoo.com says:

    i LOVE the new banner! you are so inspirational. i’m attempting to learn to sew, in large part because of the MOS.
    by the way, we got our lovely print and my 16 month old daughter is so excited! we love it!

  4. Very neat! And I love the new banner!!

  5. I could not help but chime in on the congrats-ing thing. Wonderful new look to your site, and I love the media you are getting on your toy making talent. You are super!

  6. Congratulations! Hehe… I can’t help picturing either a quaint little old man, or a room full of elves when I think of the word “toymaker.”

  7. Lovely! I like the comment about anti-consumerism. I’m sure it has to be a part of what’s driving the new craft movement — that and nostalgia, and of course that lovely human desire to create just for the joy of it. Congratulations, toymaker.

  8. How cool, indeed. Keep the great ideas and the lovely, warm website coming.

  9. smellebelle@yahoo.com says:

    Ooh nice one! It all seems such raw and new info. reading it in The Age, even though we’ve all been here reading along as the journey unfolds. Nice to see you getting a bit of publicity!

  10. Wow Claire! You’re like the Snazzy Stitcher of Melbourne with al lthe adorable toys following behind. I think that the duck is definitely my favourite.

  11. Congratulations! Nice article and nice new design!

  12. It’s gorgeous – I love it! And congrats on the article too. I have no doubt your studio really is “craft heaven”.

  13. Absolutely love the new design of your site. Your work is so inspiring!

  14. Awesome new design! And congrats on the article in The Age!

  15. l.franklin@ecu.edu.au says:

    all i can say is, “WOW!” 🙂

  16. Congratulations Claire! How wonderful. It’s the sort of thing you dream of being as a kid, a “toy maker”. Then as you grow older, the dream gets crushed by the idea of what a “real” job is. But you’ve made it through, through to the other side. Absolutely inspirtional lady!

  17. Fantastic Claire! Great article. Your work is inspirational and the blog and links too, I did not know what a blog was until I stumbled across yours 5mths ago. And the fact you are doing this with a young child. How? Hope to submit a sock monkey to MOS soon.Casual but Intensive potty training here so fingers crossed.

  18. Dear “Toymaker”,
    Just wanna say Hi! My name is Beatrice and I come from Hong Kong, just come across with your website accidentally! I love your site so much!

  19. elw08@hotmail.com says:

    So so cool. You look hot!

  20. Oh wonderful! I loved the old one, but this one is especially beautiful! Congratulations!

  21. Good on you. I love the drive you have for your crafty exploits. Keep it up.

  22. I love your new design! Congrats on the wonderful article!

  23. Congratulations! You’re such an inspiration to me. Thanks to you I’m excited to produce art again.thanks!

  24. i love the new design!congratulations on the article!

  25. jennbee7@optusnet.com.au says:

    Hey Congratulations!
    Your designs are always so beautiful.


  26. Wow! What a great article, I hope it leads to new and wonderful things for you. Love your beautiful new banner, too. Congratulations!! 😀

  27. Congratulations on the article! Your new look is pretty darn cute!

  28. lbissey@verizon.net says:

    Beautiful banner! Makes my little bunny lovin’ heart sing. 🙂

  29. awww! the new graphic is extra sweet.

  30. Awww, no little marching piggy.

  31. Congratulations! You already knew you were a toy maker/artist! What a neat way to underline this! Emily

  32. I love the new design and the article is fantastic, well done!

  33. Congratulations Claire, this is wonderful! I love reading your blog and always get excited when I see a new skin load on the screen. You have a real talent for design…of anything! Clever you! 🙂

  34. Love the new design and congratulations on a wonderful profile in the newspaper. You must be delighted.

  35. i read the article…congratulations! you really deserve this! =)

  36. Amazing. You are truly an inspiration.

  37. lisa_pie@hotmail.com says:

    bless The Age for bringing you to my attention. Your site has stirred what I thought was but a dormant craftiness in my soul. Love your work…

  38. Yout new banner is the best i’ve seen, genius!!! so cute!

  39. Adorable design. Congrats on the article as well. I hope it does wonderful things for you.

  40. Yay Claire! I think you were a toymaker before they even declared you one. 🙂
    You rock!

  41. Top shelf site, I’v just started my first MOS ! Congrats on the article.

  42. Congratulations on the article and wow! on your new design. It’s perfect — you are the drum major of craftiness! I especially love the little bunny girl with her triangle.

  43. Great article and I love the winter facelift. The colors are wonderful!

  44. good for you! i enjoyed the article.

  45. Congratulations! “Toymaker” sounds like something out of a fairy tale, I love it.

  46. Wow! Wonderful article and well said! I love the new banner – what a wonderful, crafty parade!

  47. Congratulations. The article was lovely and I adore the new banner. A lot of us are very happy to see you sporting an apron with your needle and thread!

  48. The banner looks great! I felt the same way a couple of months ago while finishing sewing a doll 🙂

  49. Oh, how perfect! Love it!

  50. The new design is so beautiful and cute! Congratulations 🙂

  51. mshea@butler.edu says:

    Congrats! Claire can you make a gallery of all your softies?? I keep trying to find all of them in archives, thanks!

  52. nobledesign@sbcglobal.net says:

    You are simply the finest of artists.

  53. reidfamily@pacific.net.au says:

    I was SO excited when my computer screen came up orange! But then to see this beautiful illustration – wow !It would make a beautiful children’s birthday card. Love the blue and the orange together. And the Age article is lovely, I did read it last week. Well done!

  54. oh lovely! very very perky. xo, mav

  55. love the new summer-y design and the article!!

  56. mistic_ann@yahoo.com says:

    You deserve it!It’s your time 🙂
    Congratulations *~*

  57. Oh wow! Congrats! I love that illustration along the top…and It must be nice to have so many people write lovely things about you – including, of course, the article! 😀

  58. Woooohoooo! That is so very cool for you!

  59. YIPPPEEEE for you and the new site design looks great!

  60. Congratulations Claire!! This is marvelous and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. 🙂

  61. Love the new design, your art just melts my heart. Thanks for sharing the joy!

  62. Blimey!
    It looked good before, now your site is stunning.

    I absolutely adore your palette.

    Just beautiful.

  63. Congratulations on your “official” titling, Ms. Robertson. Golly, such wonderful shapes and colors in the new topsy image. Thanks for smiles and ongoing inspiration.

  64. Can you guess? I LOVE your new banner! It suits my mood very well today: Life can be simple and colourful too!

  65. What a terrific article!

  66. congratulations, that’s such a wonderful article!
    i love your new loobylu design, the colourful toys doing their happy march surely lights up a normally dreary melbourne winter’s day except for today, it’s beautiful outside!

    i didn’t realise you live so close 🙂

  67. Enjoyed the article and the new banner is way too cute!

  68. I smiled when I read the article in the Age the other day — how lovely to see you featured in our newspaper! Well deserved recognition for your creativity. Also good to see blogging mentioned as a legitimate past-time rather than a strange pursuit followed by a select group of enthusiasts.
    I *love* your new banner, so colourful and exuberant. And your illustration following the London bombings was very touching.

  69. Congrats on the article. And to think when i started quilting last year i thought i was alone! if anyone knows of any craft or quilting groups meeting around melbourne, i’d love to hear about them.

  70. sa1loralf@yahoo.com says:

    I accidently come accross your blog when I search for felt dolls pattern.Hey you’re a pro, and can’t believe you just live around the corner of my house. Congratulations on the debute in The Age, keep rockin’ !! (^_^)/~~~