Sock Monkey Day One

If you have been hanging back wondering when it may be a good time to try your hand at making a softie for A Month of Softies, then I want to urge you to try making a sock monkey in July. I can’t believe how easy it is. I followed the instructions found here and used a pair of cheap socks from the supermarket (the traditional grey, white and red socks are hard to come by here in Australia) and it took me hardly any time at all to make this basic monkey:

Of course, she looks a little odd but that’s half her charm (in my opinion!). Next step is a Sock Monkey party dress. Amelia is very taken with this funny bundle of lumps with wonky ears so the pair of socks sitting on the chair next to her has just become sliced and diced ready for Sock Monkey Mark Two.

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22 Responses

  1. Awww, he’s a cutie pie !

  2. She’s a cutie! What size were the socks you used? We’re off travelling in July but I’ll try to make time for this project – it looks fun and easy!

  3. Now that is one styley monkey! I was wondering if doing them with “cheap” socks would work – NZ doesnt seem to sell the red heel chaps. I’m thinking about making a sock cat of some sort, and took far too long at work today admiring the many styles of socks. I’m inspired 😉

  4. I love this monkey so much I kept staring at the instructions for about two hours until I finally gave up thinking I will never be crafty… this money is really, really, just too cute.

  5. so so cute! I might have to get in on it this month!

  6. says:

    i luuurrve her! so cute!

  7. I like her better than the red butt monkeys! Now I’m inspired! Thanks!

  8. I love her! She oozes character. Right-ho, then, off to the supermarket!

  9. That is so cool, Iv’ve never tried to make a sock monkey but I think I might just do that now….

  10. okay so that is the FIRST sock monkey EVER to NOT give me the creeps!!! i don’t know if it’s the eyes or lack of red mouth…but whatever it is, i’m amazed! you have altered my fear of sock monkeys for a moment!!

  11. I was going to pass this month but that is so darn cute I have to have one for myself! It looks like so much fun. I need to put a little fun back into my crafting. thanks for the inspiration!

  12. so very cute. i may just have to try my hand at one. 🙂

  13. says:

    Your sock monkey is darling!I have only seen the “traditional” red heeled monkeys and they have really never been a favorite of mine.However
    I did rescue one once from the trash and restored it.I thought of perhaps returning it to the door of the owner as to say I’m back, you can’t get rid of me that easily!
    My young grandson seems to like monkeys and I think that I will also try to make the brown variety.

  14. What a lovely little monkey charmer…can’t wait to see what you do with her outfit. I’m up to the challenge and hopefully you’ll be seeing mine soon. Off to find some socks now….

  15. Claire, how do you manage to get these incredible expressions on all your characters? This is one cool monkey. I may just have to take up your challenge of making a sock monkey despite not having a clue when it comes to sweing or knitting.

  16. says:

    wow! your monkey is FAR cuter than the one i’m working on. it probably would help if i knew how to really sew. oh well, i’m still excited about this month’s softie challenge because i think that even i can finish it!

  17. luv yr sock monkey!!
    do not forget artist mike kelley’s sock monkey exhibition!

  18. says:

    i like socks

  19. oooh. those are encouraging words. i have been hanging back! and i love sock monkeys……
    we will have to see! anyway, i adore yours. can’t wait to see the party dress!

  20. I collect sock monkeys (new and vintage) for my one year-old son, ezra. can’t tell you how excited I was to see this month’s theme…! and the one you’ve created here is so fab. I love her! I don’t sew (creative in other mediums) but so tempted to try my hand at the sock monkey…