Friday – the day after Thursday

Everyone feels a little shaken the day after something so scary and sad happens in a city where dear friends live.
I hope you and yours are all well and safe.

cheesey but I mean it

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11 Responses

  1. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts.

  2. 🙁 We love you london!
    That illo is SO cute!

  3. blessed be the tie that binds.

  4. Its amazing how the whole world seems to pull together when something like this happens. I spent yesterday watching chaos from my window at work and will spend today at home hugging my children. I’m running out of words to express all the emotions…

  5. Being an Aussie visiting the UK at the moment, my thoughts are with you to the home land (I am British too you know!)It is all very calm over here at the moment and people are getting back on with it, which is great to see really. The Pomms are showing great resolve and are not letting it get them down.

  6. This is something that our parents and Grandparents (not just here in the U.K, but all over the World) had to deal with on a daily basis in previous wars, can you imagine that ?As my Dad used to say- “Onwards and Upwards”.
    Thanks,Claire and everyone for helping to spread some kindness .

  7. Thanks for your lovely picture and your kind thoughts x x x lili confetti from uk

  8. Thank you xxx
    See my post (via namelink) for a lovely cybercandle link.

    I live very close to one of the tube stations.
    We all do, really… xxx

  9. says:

    I went to your site to see craft. You also seamlessly craft compassion. Bless you! Monkey-business is a good thing.