Big Kitty – Destination Plush You!

This is an enormous cat I have just finished. I love her. My Mum and Big-P both give me that kind of smile that says “nup – I just don’t like this one” but they say kind things none-the-less. Here she is sitting with Amelia’s little kitten “Warm Kitty”. You can see how much bigger she is:

I am sending her off to Seattle for next month’s Plush You! show at Schmancy Toys . I think she will be accompanied by a little pear and some kind of doll… hmm. Better get stitching.

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21 Responses

  1. I love big kitty, she is just so sweet. She looks very protective over warm kitty, like a loving elder sister..

  2. I love the big cat, too. I’m sure she’ll be the star of the show. 🙂

  3. She’s adorable. I love the fabric combinations and all of the little details.

  4. hey Claire,just wondering if your show at Hudson is still up… I put my name down for one of your lovely pears (number 10 to be exact!)… and gave the lady my phone number… but have not yet heard from her… maybe it’s still on display? Thanks, Lucy x

  5. I think she is lovely!

  6. what’s not to like, she’s ADORABLE!

  7. Oh she’s going to be a really big hit in Seattle!! Someone will be very lucky to have her. Love the dress!

  8. beautiful, as always. I do think she may be that teensy bit cuter if she had a bigger button for her nose : ) just a thought, but she’s lovely, and looks sooo well made.

  9. says:

    I love big kitty, she would be so nice to hug when you are having a bad day !!! And I love Amelia’s kitty’s name – “warm kitty” – purr, purr, purr – I watch too much playschool for my own good.

  10. Oh Claire,I love her! I’m partial to bigger stuffed animals and dolls, as most of my fav. childhood ones, inlcuding a Holly Hobby “Heather” doll, were bigger than me. Some youngster will indeed be very happy with this hugable kitty. And I’m glad you stick by her! She’s got a cute little smile.

  11. pppllleeeeassseee, I neeeeeeeeeeed a Kitty, are you making any new ones for sale or taking commissions or are there any left at Hudson?Blessings

  12. absolutely adorable claire! your cats are the best! must try to get to seattle to check her out!

  13. wow, I love this big kitty! Her arms, legs and that adorable dress are all so lovely.

  14. says:

    Wow – she is beautiful!

  15. says:

    Girl cat is gorgeous!

  16. says:

    Hey! I live in Seattle! This is very exciting…

  17. got any pears left? i was in kids in berlin last week, and dante (owner) said to tell you he wants more stuff to sell because any loobylu item flies off the shelves. and i still need a pear. where can i buy one?
    also, kylie and i want to meet up with you when she gets back from nsw, so check your schedule for vacancies!

  18. I’m in love with these kitties…oh so purrfectly divine. Everything about them just makes me happy.