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Today I am a bit all over the place so I am going to do an update which reflects that and throw a whole bunch of random photos at you:

I found these two tiny birds at Winterwood when I went up there last. They seem to be hand carved out of some kind of soft foam stuff and I just love the colours. Anyway, Winterwood is the place I get my 100% wool felt and although its not the cheapest stuff around, it’s definitely the most beautiful to work with – soft and fine and hardy.

A while ago I mentioned that I am making a dog’s breakfast out of my back-tack project contribution. Here you can see it in its unfinished state spread out on my ironing board.

Every time I look at it I feel disappointed and I am never inspired to pick it up and keep working on it. Plus I took the easy way out and did the very unsporting thing of hiding my assigned fabric inside the pockets as a lining. This is hardly in keeping with the spirit of the project. So back-tack attempt number one is heading for the never-to-be-finished box and I am starting out again with some fresh ideas and a more personal approach. Luckily I still have plenty of my assigned fabric to use in a far more positive manner. I realise that am leaving it a little late, especially as it also has to get to the recipient overseas, but I think I might ask if she wouldn’t mind waiting for an extra-special last minute effort.

And… here is a huge pear that I made Van for her birthday.

It’s sitting beside one of my other little (unfinished) pears as a point of comparison. In the background you can vaguely see Big-P sitting on the couch trying to get my online shop working… yes he looks stressed. Big-P is a hero. Here is an action figure I made of him a long time ago:

And lastly here are some super cute photos of my parents in the 60s:

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34 Responses

  1. I want to say that those little types of birds are made of mushroom! At least that is what they are always called… “mushroom birds”.

  2. Your parents ARE unbelievably ace looking in those photos!

  3. The best thing about the Big P action figure is the Segway logo on his t-shirt 😉

  4. hi,loobyly! well done! you got great design.

  5. I can’t believe how little your parents have changed in 40 years. Are you sure they’re old photos, not just snaps from some costume party they went to the other week or something?

  6. says:

    the funny thing is before realizing P was in the bg, i thought that was his finger disguised as the stem of the big pear. Hehe Big P/Big Pear

  7. says:

    You, Claire Robertson, are one of the reasons that I am not fed up with the internet, because without the net, I’d never have seen your lovely work and inspiring posts. I’d love to purchase one of your prints, as well, but unfortunately – I am a poor college student, but hopefully in the future, I’ll be able to own an original.

  8. adorable pics of your folks!! Cool t-shirt Big P!

  9. I love the gigantic pear!!

  10. Your dad is/was? supercute! 😉

  11. when are the pears for sale! i want one so badly…

  12. I love the giant pear! What a sweetie.

  13. I love the photos of your parents. They look so sweet!

  14. says:

    All lovely pictures, especially your parents!

  15. says:

    those photos of your parents are adorable! that’s a super groovy mod house(?) that your dad is standing in front of.

  16. Love the big pear!! And those really are super cute pics of your parents! 🙂

  17. Those little birds are called Mushroom Birds and I think they’re really made from mushrooms!

  18. fun fun fun! love the photos of your parents! and that action figure of your husband is so fun too!

  19. In the hopes that you are my backtack buddy, you are SO forgiven. And I will wait. I promise. As long as you need to take. And those pears are just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Hope your show and prints are going well!Cheers,

  20. says:

    That picture of your Mum is just gorgeous, I love both of them.

  21. I love this site! Just discovered it and I’m enjoying it very much!

  22. sounds like you have too much going on. keep on trucking though.

  23. hey there! Thanks for the Winterwood info… it’s a long trek to Donvale for me but I think I might have to do it! Also, I am SURE you know this by now but I am confused because no reference has been made to it on your site… but your show (and website) was in The Age yesterday… you know that right? xx

  24. says:

    Oh! Poor busy Claire. Your parents are gorgeous! When you are free again, please make 60s action figures of them, too. Newspaper for Dad, cute little belted shift-dress for Mum!

  25. I found this website through Your pears are the cutest! They inspire me to try my hand at stuffed critter making again!

  26. sometimes being all over the map is really a sign that you are gathering creative inspiration from ALL your surroundings!

  27. All lovely! Maybe in 30 or so years, Amelia will post some photos of you in the 90’s on her futuristic blog?!

  28. says:

    Will the May Month of Softies be up soon???

  29. says:

    are the pears for sale anywhere online?

  30. I took my wife to Hudson’s this morning and checked out the exhibition. The prints are gorgeous, and the cats and lambs were very beautifully made. And the free stickers! You didn’t mention there would be free stickers! (did you?) Although I loved the prints, I actually liked the trio of girls on a monitor more, as they seem to glow more. You wouldn’t consider making them a set of wallpapers say at $5 at 1600×1200 would you? I’d certainly pay for sets of high quality Loobylu illustrated wallpapers.

  31. wow! i second super duper delicious fun happy looking woohoo ladida quirky sillydicious yummy nice and supercute again piccies!

  32. I love the pears, they look soo sweet and delicious!