The online shop selling my limited edition prints is up (finally! what a nightmare! I hope it works ok…). It’s pretty ugly at the moment but will hopefully do the job.
I am sorry if you miss out on the print you wanted but if you are interested in news about future products, please feel welcome to create an account and make sure you check the newsletter box when filling in your details. This way I can send you news about shop updates. I am hoping to have regular monthly updates of toys, cards and other goodies.

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23 Responses

  1. says:

    HOORAY! I got Night Flowers! My partner was laughing at me for refreshing your page every hour all weekend, but it was worth it 🙂

  2. Congratulations! We’ve been refreshing to see if anyone’s buying them and we saw that you were — I assure you, we were equally as excited 😀

  3. Ah, you used good ol’ Zen Cart. It can be a beast, but a free beast. If you need any help i know my way around it a bit!

  4. says:

    Aww. Just missed out on thermos. That was a quick sell out!
    Congrats on making it all happen.

  5. Yay! I got the one I wanted, I’m so excited. I’ve just spent the birthday money that I got yesterday on the one thing I really wanted. Thanks for making them available to us all..

  6. YAY!!! Me too, for the past few days I have been obsessively rechecking Loobylu to see if the shop was up. I was so afraid that I would miss out on being the proud owner of “Night Flowers” but now my whole family can enjoy it! Thank goodness I woke at 4am this morning due to a nasty cold and decided to check the site again. Thank you!

  7. says:

    i’m so excited!!! i got the one i want! it’s going to go in my little daughter’s room. thanks for the opportunity!

  8. says:

    Beautiful prints!! I was looking at the blonde before you had the names up…for my daughter Sophie. Can you believe it? My neice’s name is Freya I have never heard it used before. My fantasy would be to send you a pic of my girls and have you make a print of them together.


  9. I was so excited to get Thermos! I also spent the weekend refreshing the site and eventually checking it this morning at 8am GMT! Which might sound crazy but a little one gets you up early anyway. Thanks again Claire,can’t wait for the post!

  10. Excellent little article in The Age today (Monday 20th) – very exciting!

  11. Just got back from NZ and dropped by Hudson to buy myself a pear… but they’re all sold! And the lovely cats, too. Drats….
    Show looks great, Claire. Well done!

  12. beeeeeee-U-teeeee-ful! well done sis!

  13. Hi! Went down to Hudson clothes on the weekend. Everything is so fabulous Claire! I’ve got my name on one of those adorable pears. And would have bought everything (well, what is left) if I had the income. But congradulations! It’s fantastic. The print are truly beautiful!

  14. Your prints look great in your online shop! I wish I didn’t live half way around the world from you so I could see all your creations in person!

  15. Saw a pic in the Age this morning – thought it has to be a loobylu! Yep – fabbo, Claire! Hope I can get down to Balaclava 🙂

  16. they are all so beautiful! the girl with the pig tails is my favorite, i wish i had the money to buy her right now, i can’t wait till you start adding new things to your shop!

  17. I just love the things you make!Can we order them from Portugal?

  18. Aww man. I go out of town for one measly mini vacation and miss out on the two I wanted. I was checking your site up until the minute I left too for fear of missing out. @#$#%%. But, congratulations on opening up a little shop! More Night Flowers and Lantern please. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  19. says:

    Thanks for putting the prints up for sale, they are wonderful!

  20. Maybe I missed it while my computer was down, but are you selling any pears online?

  21. says:

    Claire, the shop is fantastic! I am so very glad you’re selling your art in such a way – a very happy situation. T-bone and I love the prints. I hope they’re still up in Hudson when I’m back in Melbourne next week. We’re in serious flux at the moment, but when I’m settled some day in teh future I will definitely be one of your biggest customers. Promise!
    Yay you!

  22. Wow, Claire you are AMAZING! How beautiful those prints are. Lost is like enetering another world! Congrats. 🙂

  23. says:

    Dear Loobylu,Checked out Hudson, love your stuff, Is there any chance of getting one of the devil kitten toys? – they are all sold at the shop and we cant find them on your online shop 🙁
    Please email us if this is possible

    Jules and Sarah