The show is up! If you happen by Carlisle Street Balaclava, have a look in the window and then inside Hudson Clothes, 229 Carlisle St. I have some pears and a few animals in the window and seven prints on the walls.
I will be posting an online gallery of the pieces tomorrow and hopefully the shop will be up by then too. If not, then by the weekend.

Here are some of the toys in the window:

The pears look a little unsure – but I sold one while I was standing there – How exciting!

And here are some of the prints hanging on the wall.

Now I need to go and sit on the couch…

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  1. That is just so exciting, it all looks beautiful! The toys, the pears and the gorgeous pictures – I love them. You deserve to go sit on the couch, what a fantastic job!

  2. says:

    Well done! What a huge effort.The prints, animals and pears look perfect in the shop space. I’ll have to get down there and have a sticky beak.

  3. cool….hey I love ur works and i am from Taiwan. In my blog there is one handmade doll from me…. hope one day that I can sell my own design doll ….

  4. i am sending friends – looks fantastic – the prints look great on the walls – congratulations.

  5. says:

    congratulations! i’ve been lurking on your blog. and i love all your work. is there some way i can get hold of your pear? and i think i visited that shop when i was in melbourne!

  6. Man, your work just kills me with its adorable-ness. I LOVE those stuffed animals. You inspire me to make more art of my own.
    And shop? SHOP? As in an online shop? If that’s the case I will definitely be buying one of those softies!

  7. the toys are stuffed animals? they look great :Dalso good work with your site 🙂

  8. they look excellent.I wish I’d known they were there when i was out that way yesterday :]

  9. Oh! how exciting! I live just around the corner and will definately be in on Saturday to look and buy.Well done! It looks great!

  10. the pears look so cute in a row like that! LOVE IT!

  11. says:

    wow…I am so excited for you. I think for any creative person the absolute highlight would be able to “show” your work…well done!!!! pity I live in Sydney….

  12. Oooh, well done, Claire! Evrything looks lovely, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the pictures.Now sit on that couch!

  13. How exciting. The prints look very good – look forward to seeing more.
    Enjoy the success!

  14. congratulations! everything looks lovely, i’m wish i stop by in person. i’m sure you’ll sell out in no time!!! 🙂

  15. Congratulations Claire! A job well done! It all looks great, and those litle softies are adorable, I only wish I could see it for myself. maybe next time!

  16. it looks bloody brilliant! good on ya, claire 🙂

  17. Oh, I still love the pears. It’s the worried expression. Of course you’re worried when someone is sticking needles in you!Everything looks so good – well done Claire!

  18. congratulations… everything looks fantastic ..well done… go and have a glass of champaign! It must have been thoroughally exhausting amongst all the excitement…I bet it will all sell out in no time…If only I lived in Melbourne.

  19. !!! That is so cool and exciting 🙂 *bounce* I love those little pears! THey DO look uncertain, but isn’t that teh charm?

  20. ooh… carlisle street is so close to my work… I’ll have to pop down tomorrow. I secretly hope everything looks awful so I don’t end up spending any money – but I can already see that’s not going to be the case. Congratulations! 🙂

  21. says:

    Gorgeous stuff. I WANT one of those pears! How much longer is the show on … I’ll have to try to get there.

  22. Wow, that all looks so wonderful! You must be thrilled! Congrats to you….

  23. says:

    oh my gosh, they’re super lovely! will definitely have to drop by and look see… when is the show on until?

  24. oh, those pears! Bet they’re all gone by the end of tomorrow.I hope the prints will still be there by the time I get over to Balaclava.

  25. The prints are so so beautiful. I would like so much to have one. The picnic in the tree is my favorit.

  26. The prints are so so beautiful. I would like so much to have one. The picnic in the tree is my favorit.

  27. Cool! I love shows and yours looks like it’s going to be great! I feel inspired…I’m going to try something like this in my small town!

  28. Totally adorable! Will you be selling the toys and pears online sometime? I NEED a pear!

  29. Oh, how beautiful it all is! Enjoy the high of it all!

  30. says:

    I wish nothing more than to be strolling by Hudson Clothes to happen upon your work. But until that happens, your snaps will have to do. Everything looks delicious. Congratulations!

  31. What a shame I’m in the US for I’d grab ’em all up! Congrats! Now please get off the couch and open up a web shop. =)

  32. Looks great, miss! Congratulations!

  33. claire! how wonderful! i love seeing your work up for more people to enjoy! 🙂 they look so natural in that setting by the way. 🙂

  34. how fun! it looks great. i wish i could walk in there, but it’s a bit too far to walk from san fran.

  35. Yes, do go sit on the couch, have a nice beverage of your choice, and if you should happen to fall into a blissful slumber, so be it! Congratulations Claire! I can’t wait to see more!

  36. Congralations!
    I’m another one who LOVES those pears… any chance you’ll put a few up on ebay for those of us who don’t live in Australia?

  37. Hey Claire, your artwork is really breathtaking and it makes me sad that I’m absolutely hopeless at illustration and design. Anyway, you can be sure I will definitely be back to look at the online gallery of your pieces. 🙂

  38. gorgeous work that i could actually see in person…a dream for sure.

  39. Awesome. I just love your prints, especially this midnight picnic theme!

  40. Oooh! how wonderful! Any chance in selling a pear to someone via the net? I’d be interested!

  41. I love the little pears and the prints! Put some online so I can beg my hubby to let me buy some! I love them!!
    Will you be allowing shipping to the states?

  42. Congratulations Claire!!! All your works are gorgeous. Well done!!!! I look forward to seeing it all online. Good luck with it all.

  43. Well done, Claire! I’m thrilled for you!

  44. Oh my goodness! How beautiful! I love your work… you are so very inspiring. I wish you much success.

  45. Oh, the pears are so sweet! They seems to be giving the “please take us home” look! Love the prints, too. 🙂

  46. Congratulations! Everything looks great – oh to be there in Melbourne this week! 😀

  47. Well done. You’ve been very busy and deserve to reap the rewards.

  48. How wonderful. I’m excited for you.

  49. Yay, it all looks fantastic! Congrats, you must be so thrilled! I must go over there and check it out!

  50. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congratulations, Claire! 🙂

  51. says:

    Would love to pop in and see all your work, but i live in Sydney…you should set up something similiar for us sydney siders..

  52. YEAH!Cheer!
    So happy for you!!

  53. I went to see the show this morning… such gorgeous things Claire! You must be very proud (and relieved!)… I put a little red dot on pear number 10 🙂 There were quite a few red dots going on in the window display actually!… the lady in the shop asked me straight away if I knew you from your website… she must have met a fair few Loobylu readers in only 1 day! She said there were some of us waiting outside when she opened! Anyway… congrats! -Lucy x

  54. Wow – congratulations Claire! Can’t wait to see your stuff in person when I’m in Melbourne from the 9th.

  55. says:

    Thanks to a tradie who was due TWO HOURS earlier, I couldn’t get there in time to collect the beautiful Annie cat (on the far right) but I decided to be sanguine about it and if she wasn’t meant to be in my house, then so be it (such tranquility!).
    We wandered around and admired everything. The colours and quality of the prints are lovely Claire – I can see why you were so pleased with them. I was very tempted by the gorgeous girl with pigtails but we don’t have space at the moment (a cat would have been nice and small and tucked away into a corner somewhere!).

    But the nicest bit came when we were leaving. We stood on the pavement peering through the window at the different pears and toys and an elderly lady came round the corner with her grandson, a little boy in a chunky scarf. They stopped and she said in heavily accented English “look at all those pears”. We all looked together and then went out separate ways.


  56. I called into the shop today to have a squiz – it all looks beautiful! I would have grabbed a pear (with the bit of red in the fabric) but they were all spoken for. Well done!

  57. So lovely! I would really love a little pear!I’m Also in Sydney.:-)

  58. oh look at the cutie pears! they look so funny in the window…wondering where they are and what their fate might be. and your dolls look wonderful (do I recognize the fabric on that little kitty dress?) great job on everything! wish I could hop on a plane to Melbourne and see everything in person

  59. I wish I was near this shop!!

  60. Congratulations on the exhibition. I know the shop and think it’s a fantastic fit for your wonderful work. You should be very proud.

  61. congratulations on the show. it looks really sweet! and the online shop for the prints is great as well!! nice work.mav

  62. I have GOT to get some of your pairs. They are SO cute.